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Bodycam Shows Rescue Of Woman From Freezing Water, Michigan. On 1/27/20

24 days ago, 1924 views
Bodycam Shows Rescue Of Woman From Freezing Water in Harrison Township, Michigan. On 1/27/20 at 3:20pm, this young lady was fishing off of docks in Harrison Township. As she attempted to stand up, she lost her footing and slipped off the dock into the freezing water.

The young lady’s friend was a dock over and heard her fall; she looked over to see her friend struggling in the icy waters. The two fisherman attempted to pull the woman up onto the dock but struggled as the young lady’s body had become completely numb and she was unable to move.

Her friend called for help as the fisherman held on to the young lady keeping her from slipping underwater and surely drowning. The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office along with the Harrison Fire Department arrived on scene and were able to pull the young lady from the 36 degree water.
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BigCK's avatar
BigCK - 19 days ago  - (Points 2095)
Looks like she made it.

STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 22 days ago  - (Points 16968)
Fishing? Wheres her top or jacket
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 22 days ago  - (Points 14771)
So, she shed her top, coat and then fell into the water? Looks like she jumped in, probably making a youtube video.
TheyStink's avatar
TheyStink - 24 days ago  - (Points 2644)
She has enough blubber on her she should be fine in the cold water for hours.
00falcon's avatar
00falcon - 24 days ago  - (Points 1203)
People that arre too heavy/unfit to help themselves.. pfftt .. fat bitch
Rodslinger18's avatar
Rodslinger18 - 24 days ago  - (Points 3697)
They should have laid a jelly doughnut on the dock.She would have got up on her own.
Reich_Z's avatar
Reich_Z - 24 days ago  - (Points 628)
safe the whales
EMU911's avatar
EMU911 - 24 days ago  - (Points 3059) Reich_Z
Save the bales - square Grouper

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