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The drunk driver drove into a private house.

33 days ago, 1382 views
In the Krasnodar Territory, a driver on Niva hit a road sign, broke a fence, destroyed the wall of a private house, and partially drove into the room.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning, January 19, in the village of Voronezh on Sadovaya Street. After the accident, the bloodied driver was able to leave the car on his own.

Later it turned out that the man got behind the wheel of a domestic SUV drunk: according to eyewitnesses, he could not even speak in a connected manner.

Fortunately, no one was injured except the culprit of the accident.
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fatcashflow's avatar
fatcashflow - 26 days ago  - (Points 2687)
Driver, in a drunken slur.......that fucking house came out of nowhere Igor.
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 33 days ago  - (Points 16803)
Should have been T boned with a cement mixer
MikeKerriii's avatar
MikeKerriii - 33 days ago  - (Points 3792)
hahahaha this is not my house? i cant park in here? Lol
Leviathan's avatar
Leviathan - 33 days ago  - (Points 3791)
If I lived on a t intersection I would made a giant concrete block in front of my house.. seen this too many times.

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