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Man armed with a knife eventually dies after being shot by police

35 days ago, 2396 views
Footage appeared on the Web, capturing the final part of the confrontation that unfolded last Friday evening, January 17, in Istanbul.

According to media reports , 33-year-old Bulgarian Milen Bakhchevanov, armed with a knife, appeared in one of the cafes in the Istanbul Bayrampasha district.

The man behaved aggressively, smashed the interior and tried to take hostages, but the staff and visitors to the establishment were safely evacuated.

Employees of the Turkish emergency services who arrived at the scene of the emergency blocked the building and tried to persuade the attacker to surrender, but the man refused to give up.

Firefighters made an attempt to neutralize Bakhchevanov using a jet fire hose, this attempt did not lead to the desired result.

As a result, the man, still with a knife in his hand, began to move toward the police. Law enforcement officers opened fire on defeat, having fired more than two dozen shots.

;The Bulgarian was seriously injured and died of blood loss on the way to the hospital. Motives of the criminal are established.
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EMU911's avatar
EMU911 - 34 days ago  - (Points 3035)
Appears he has magic powers. Enough so that police stay far away.
FlySquattor's avatar
FlySquattor - 34 days ago  - (Points 601)
That Fucker did actually what Jason Voorhees did..minus the mask.
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mmk2569 - 35 days ago  - (Points 3942)
He brought his own knife so he could cut his cake, "Just like "as good as it gets" He brings his own utensils"..
thebestman31's avatar
thebestman31 - 35 days ago  - (Points 4301)
One clear head aim would have saved all those rounds.
MomsSpaghetti's avatar
MomsSpaghetti - 35 days ago  - (Points 2615)
Shoot now and ask questions later...oh well he didn't make it....Go Home to Bulgaria
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Onlyonecanopy - 35 days ago  - (Points 7616)

Chinook's avatar
Chinook - 35 days ago  - (Points 2199)
Why soil an ambulance with blood, let him bleed out where he is.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 35 days ago  - (Points 38871)
....That's a lot of rounds for one nigger.... Aim for the head...
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 35 days ago  - (Points 11292)
Istanbul not Constantinople. Nice magdump! Looked like a dreaded dindu to boot.

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