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Accidental firing of vigilante in Lottery House leaves injured

37 days ago, 2991 views
He has a stable health condition, one of the victims injured by an accidental shot by a security guard inside a Lottery House in Nova Iguaçu, in Baixada Fluminense.

Dalcimar de Andrade Ferreira, 56, had to be operated on after being shot in the foot last Friday (10). According to the Municipal Health Department, he suffered fibular fracture and laceration in his right foot.

Three other people, who were also at the store at Shopping Via Nova Iguau, were injured by shrapnel, but were discharged after being treated and medicated.

Sought, the company Prosegur, which is responsible for security, has not yet commented.
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FlySquattor's avatar
FlySquattor - 36 days ago  - (Points 601)
Must have been one of those "MagicBullets" from the JFK years, cause that shot took 1 old lady..1 guys foot..1 dude in the chest
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 36 days ago  - (Points 16838)
So what about the guy that got shot in the back
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 37 days ago  - (Points 3780)
i don't get it, what's in it for these fat fck mongrel midget shtskins? why bother breathing?
mmk2569's avatar
mmk2569 - 37 days ago  - (Points 3942)
People look so funny running back and forward, just stay in one place... or just hide behind the fat ones..
MomsSpaghetti's avatar
MomsSpaghetti - 37 days ago  - (Points 2615)
Don't sit around the corner on a chairs with your feet spread out...
rnspencer's avatar
rnspencer - 37 days ago  - (Points 786)
lolz at the old woman trying to hide behind the larger girl
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 37 days ago  - (Points 38871)
....Awwww, poor baby and your foot... How about the dude who took a round clear through his chest???
John_Rondo's avatar
John_Rondo - 36 days ago  - (Points 8904) Fry_Swatter
Yeah really. Looked a helluva lot worse than a pistol shot and shrapnel from the bullet. And who is the vigilante LOL

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