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Police officers kills a man who tried to murder his wife and daughter

38 days ago, 4024 views
Police officers save mother and daughter of ex-husband who would kill them and then commit suicide. A quick action that lasted about 25 seconds, from the Mobile Tactical Patrolling garrison (PATAMO), composed by Private Thiago Andrade, Corporal Jaime Alves and Private Tacio Silva, who on Wednesday night (15), acted quickly and heroically , managing to prevent a man identified as Wanderson Pchegovski da Silva, from taking the life of his ex-wife and the couple's daughter inside the reception room of the Municipal Hospital Sandoval de Araujo Dantas.

On December 25 of last year (2019), the woman filed for divorce from Wanderson and, last night, the victim asked the man to go to the hospital to take his daughter's things that had stayed at his house. Upon arriving at the hospital, the man acted naturally and asked his ex-wife to accompany him to the parking lot, as the child's objects would be in the car. When he arrived at the vehicle, according to the police, the suspect showed that he had a revolver, and said that she was supposed to leave with him, or he would kill her with her daughter and then take her own life.\\\\

Upon arriving at the Hospital, the police got out of the vehicle and went to Wanderson, who was outside the reception, and who at this moment went to meet the woman who was holding her daughter, when the police asked for the even go outside to clarify the situation, but he said nothing and quickly pulled out a firearm that was around his waist and held the woman by the neck, along with the child, aiming the gun at his head , and made a shot, when Soldier Andrade managed to hold the aggressor's hand, preventing the shot from reaching the victim or the child.

The policeman kept holding the arm of the accused, who was still in possession of the weapon and ended up in a physical fight, where Corporal Jaime took action in an attempt to take Wanderson off PM Andrade, who in turn was in the sights of the suspect, and after realizing that all the patients and staff at the unit had left the reception, they were able to simultaneously fire each one at the suspect, who only dropped the gun, released a homemade claw, and dropped it into his pocket. of the pants there were 05 more ammunition.

As shown in the images, it was clearly possible to verify that the life of the woman and the child were only saved due to the act of bravery and speed of the policemen involved in the action.
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WillieWordsmith's avatar
WillieWordsmith - 37 days ago  - (Points 1685)
Excellent reaction to that deadly situation. Those coppers are brave men.
TheyStink's avatar
TheyStink - 37 days ago  - (Points 2644)
The old "If I can't have her, no one can" mentality. Good shot officers.
Chinook's avatar
Chinook - 37 days ago  - (Points 2199)
Excellent trash disposal, it is difficult using a log gun in close quarters.
Onlyonecanopy's avatar
Onlyonecanopy - 37 days ago  - (Points 7616)
Good job , the coolest kid at the daycare always hasbullet holes in his car seat
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 37 days ago  - (Points 16838) Onlyonecanopy
FlySquattor's avatar
FlySquattor - 37 days ago  - (Points 601)
In Brazil you need to have a fast trigger finger
Mamalee's avatar
Mamalee - 37 days ago  - (Points 6661)
well deserved.. fuck him.. good jobboyz
BlackHole's avatar
BlackHole - 37 days ago  - (Points 4517)
consider this as a divorce, lol
mark's avatar
mark - 37 days ago  - (Points 1669)
well done, case closed money saved.
Gomez's avatar
Gomez - 38 days ago  - (Points 2794)
waited too long, should have shot him when he started struggling
Wingsofsmegma's avatar
Wingsofsmegma - 37 days ago  - (Points 634) Gomez
Might have shot the victim,partner or passers-bys. Most likely they took a bit to shoot him up
orie.lowe's avatar
orie.lowe - 38 days ago  - (Points 4386)
well done removing the vermin
AlexLondon's avatar
AlexLondon - 38 days ago  - (Points 1087)
human garbage
Dimas's avatar
Dimas - 38 days ago  - (Points 2330)
ShitBag... they should feed his ass to the dogs.

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