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Gruesome Aftermath of Ukrainian Jet In Iran

43 days ago, 8661 views
Gruesome Aftermath of Ukrainian Jet In Iran
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PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 43 days ago  - (Points 10391)
I'd never live or work in a muslim country myself because they hate us infidels and you'd never know if the hotel chef has been stirring the soup with his dick..
RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 42 days ago  - (Points 12150) PoorOldSpike
You're living in one now.......Zio owned Boris will keep em coming too!
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roimija - 42 days ago  - (Points 394) PoorOldSpike
So you are living in eastern europe?
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Aries - 43 days ago  - (Points 4823)

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Billybobonthis - 43 days ago  - (Points 632)
Reminds me of the Patsy Cline song, I fall to pieces. Dumb assed towel heads shooting down a civilian jet, and the demoncrats trying to blame Trump for it. They would rather support a terrorist regime than say anything good about him. They all should be shot for treason.
jimbob's avatar
jimbob - 43 days ago  - (Points 10247)
I guess that's why it's called the religion of pieces ... IRAN = trigger happy goat fuckers who should be living back in the 7th century ... herding cattle and living in tents
SouthBayDave's avatar
SouthBayDave - 43 days ago  - (Points 3663)
Wow. What a mess. RIP
Onlyonecanopy's avatar
Onlyonecanopy - 43 days ago  - (Points 7616)
Ukraine see a lot of body parts scattered around like kabobs in the market , fuckers
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 43 days ago  - (Points 16838)
What a fucking mess. Nothing left
John_Rondo's avatar
John_Rondo - 43 days ago  - (Points 8904)
Damn was that the aftermath from Baltimore tonight.........................GO TITANS
CPK1994's avatar
CPK1994 - 43 days ago  - (Points 1943)
Trump really made the Iranians look like retards, hundreds of Iranians killed by stampede, drone strike, and getting blown out of the sky. All the while the Americans got off scott free. What an absolute shit show of a week for them.
albobest's avatar
albobest - 43 days ago  - (Points 22519) CPK1994
now imagine for a second what would happen if they get nuclear weapons. they're gonna blow the shit outta it and remove their own country from the map lol
skinnycat01's avatar
skinnycat01 - 43 days ago  - (Points 266)
That's messy. You don't usually see lumps of minced meat like that when they show plane crashes.
Anamelech's avatar
Anamelech - 43 days ago  - (Points 2119) skinnycat01
Yeah, usually it looks like this

Stretchnuts's avatar
Stretchnuts - 43 days ago  - (Points 1590) Anamelech
Flight 93 made a clean penetration into an earth hole. That’s why there was no mess...The news said..
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N4CR - 42 days ago  - (Points 276) Anamelech
But a passport is indestructible and passed through the entire WTC building lol. God damn load of shit.
roimija's avatar
roimija - 42 days ago  - (Points 394) Anamelech

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