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35 killed in stampede at funeral for slain general

47 days ago, 3439 views
35 killed in stampede at funeral for slain general, Iranian State TV reports. Chaos ensued at the funeral of the Iranian general after thousands flocked to his home town of Kerman, where he is due to be buried later.

Iranian state TV claimed a stampede had broken out and left 35 people dead and 48 injured.

State TV quoted the head of Iran’s emergency medical services, Pirhossein Koulivand, saying there had been a deadly stampede.

The burial of the general has now been postponed due to the stampede.

It was caused when waves of mourners rushed to the south-eastern Iran town to catch a glimpse of General Soleimani's coffin.
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gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 46 days ago  - (Points 5806)
If only this resulted in 35 more mass-attended funerals we could have a very slow chain reaction going that just kept deleting sand niggers :)
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JohnGalt - 46 days ago  - (Points 11292)
Woo hop high score 2520 virgins!
fatcashflow's avatar
fatcashflow - 46 days ago  - (Points 2687)
They can’t even organize a funeral. They’re not smart people.
FreeMann9's avatar
FreeMann9 - 46 days ago  - (Points 278)
This is why Iranian concerts don't have festival seating.
Haywood_Jablomie's avatar
Haywood_Jablomie - 46 days ago  - (Points 227)
Turns out you can kill almost 40 people with a single drone strike. Very efficient
Kizzmyazz's avatar
Kizzmyazz - 46 days ago  - (Points 6745)
Ironic, isn't it ? fuckwits.
Starmint's avatar
Starmint - 46 days ago  - (Points 502)
It's a start.
WillieWordsmith's avatar
WillieWordsmith - 46 days ago  - (Points 1685)
That was a vulgar display of stupidity.
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 47 days ago  - (Points 4008)
HAHAHAHA. Nuke the region, take their oil.
TetocoTuculo's avatar
TetocoTuculo - 47 days ago  - (Points 682)
Allahu akbar god is great muslims are the best of peoples infidels are the worst creatures... then how come muslim countries are shitholes like this?
funtclaps's avatar
funtclaps - 47 days ago  - (Points 617)
Hey what about all those kids in cages at the border???? Oh, right, already forgotten by the opportunistic left. Hey guess what. These dead durkas aren’t impacting my day to day life at all, and neither are those families at the border.
Alpinanazawsze - 47 days ago  - (Points 92)
What a bunch of incompetent retard sand niggers. Good work killing your own.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 47 days ago  - (Points 38834)
....One Muslim dies, 35 join him.... Does he have to share his 72 virgin goats?
doinkdaclown's avatar
doinkdaclown - 47 days ago  - (Points 3273)
Let's see. If we take out a General a week for as long as it takes, the problem will solve itself.
rcpilotjae's avatar
rcpilotjae - 47 days ago  - (Points 8781)
Another good thing came of this, now they're killing each other!! Keep up the good work.....
JFK's avatar
JFK - 47 days ago  - (Points 1289)
There's obviously much wrong over there, but why are there always deaths during demonstrations or processions and shit. WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY DOING??? Not that I'm worried, just curious....
William40's avatar
William40 - 47 days ago  - (Points 40) JFK
Think. If your country's general just got airstriked. That means your country is defenseless. None of them will have security. At any moment any one of them could die. They are also sand niggers so ?
Kickinchicken's avatar
Kickinchicken - 47 days ago  - (Points 4798)
Awesome! If we kill another of your terrorists, do you promise to trample each other to death again?
Gregormac's avatar
Gregormac - 47 days ago  - (Points 614)
only 35? damn shame
Ozymandius's avatar
Ozymandius - 47 days ago  - (Points 4034) Gregormac
It's up to 40 now. Backwards fucking culture.... smh.
Darmax's avatar
Darmax - 47 days ago  - (Points 20010)
Shame the death toll wasn't exponentially's more to this world's benefit having considerably less muslims than any "climate change"policies.
Jussijustin's avatar
Jussijustin - 47 days ago  - (Points 10178) Darmax
lmao xD

IpoopThere4IAM's avatar
IpoopThere4IAM - 47 days ago  - (Points 437)
35 people trampled to death when they found out his goat was single.
Jussijustin's avatar
Jussijustin - 47 days ago  - (Points 10178) IpoopThere4IAM

Jussijustin's avatar
Jussijustin - 47 days ago  - (Points 10178)
now they all join general to share the 72 pussy

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