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Laudemer Atienza Arboleda, 33, was fatally wounded by a Danville deputy

46 days ago, 3614 views

Video of the 2018 shooting death of 33-year-old Laudemer Atienza Arboleda by a Danville deputy has been released.

A sheriff's dashcam video, shows Contra Costa Costa County Sheriff's Deputy Andrew Hall firing multiple times at the Newark man who was fleeing from police in a silver sedan.

The incident began about 11 a.m. on Nov. 3, 2018 when the Danville Police Department was notified of a suspicious person near Cottage Lane and Laurel Drive, next to Interstate Highway 680 near downtown. The citizen reported seeing a man exit his vehicle, walk toward several homes in that area with bags in his hands, go back to his car and circle the neighborhood.

Police soon found the man, later identified as Arboleda, who ignored officers' commands to stop, according to investigators.

The dashcam video shows Arboleda fleeing in his car, leading officers on a short pursuit. He drove a few blocks to the intersection of Front Street and Diablo Road, which is where Hall fired on him. Arboleda was struck and was taken to the San Ramon Regional Medical Center, where he was later pronounced dead.

Arboleda's family filed a claim against the Town of Danville and the county, alleging the fatal shooting was based on race. Arboleda was Filipino.

The sheriff's office denied the allegation."This is not about race. This is about a dangerous and reckless person trying to run down and murder a police officer. Once all investigations are completed, we look forward to sharing the full details with the public," Sheriff-Coroner David O. Livingston said in the weeks following the shooting.
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DupcoX's avatar
DupcoX - 41 days ago  - (Points 33)
These cops played too often GTA ...
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 44 days ago  - (Points 3931)
Oh no. Not Laudemer. He had so much to give us.
tat2dbull's avatar
tat2dbull - 44 days ago  - (Points 3012)
Not that I'm defending that piece of shit that died, but - I see a pattern developing where cops will run out in front of a car and then claim the person was trying to run them down just so they can kill the fucker. Skipping due process is what will kill America.
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 44 days ago  - (Points 3603)
shtskn. good kill.
Ima_Cherokee's avatar
Ima_Cherokee - 45 days ago  - (Points 1009)
"Arboleda's family filed a claim against the Town of Danville and the county, alleging the fatal shooting was based on race." Ah, where have we heard THIS steaming pile of CNN before? Hmm?

gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 45 days ago  - (Points 5644)
Racially motivated? Why ? - Are the corpse's family claiming that all Filipions are feral thugs that cannot follow instructions to STOP ?
Boatshooter's avatar
Boatshooter - 45 days ago  - (Points 808)
Fatally Wounded?
KrisiLuttinen's avatar
KrisiLuttinen - 44 days ago  - (Points 951) Boatshooter
A downplayed word for MURDER!
PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 45 days ago  - (Points 10067)
"Laudemer Atienza Arboleda"...........good scrabble score there
Meatsaw12346's avatar
Meatsaw12346 - 45 days ago  - (Points 1728)
That shit stains family should get fined for raising a fucktard. All the dumb ass had to do was fucking was fucking stop.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 45 days ago  - (Points 35657) Meatsaw12346
eab210's avatar
eab210 - 45 days ago  - (Points 227)
the driver avoided the cops but they went in front of him, makes no sense. Murder
Meatsaw12346's avatar
Meatsaw12346 - 45 days ago  - (Points 1728) eab210
That idiot was putting other lives at risk plus he shouldn't be doing shit to put himself in that situation. You'd be the first one to shit his pants if they would have jussf t let him keep driving and he killed a love one. Being Democrat should be recognized as a mental illness.
Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 45 days ago  - (Points 7113)
Moving target practice.
Darmax's avatar
Darmax - 46 days ago  - (Points 19745)
Good riddance! Another dead beaner.
allanv's avatar
allanv - 46 days ago  - (Points 988)
That's too bad, with a name like laudemer he could have been president someday
JosephPearlman's avatar
JosephPearlman - 46 days ago  - (Points 136)
The shooting was based on a criminal fleeing not race.
WolfenSteine55's avatar
WolfenSteine55 - 45 days ago  - (Points 292) JosephPearlman
As luck would have it, they got the right race of criminal.
Poncho's avatar
Poncho - 46 days ago  - (Points 306)
Clean kill
space_cat's avatar
space_cat - 46 days ago  - (Points 4451)
The cops did that to a guy in front of my house in a certain large Murican city one time. He got away though. Then they blocked off the street and sidewalks for a few hours (to collect their shell casings?) and there were all these federal marshals in green uniforms and full tactical gear looking like they just walked off a battlefield in Iraq hanging out in the street for a while afterwards. It seemed a bit overkill. One cop came into our house and asked us to give a statement on what we had seen or heard. I said that I heard a rapidly approaching car and two gun shots. The city ordered my landlord to kick me out not long afterwards, lol.
SJW's avatar
SJW - 46 days ago  - (Points 433) space_cat
"the city ordered your landlord" ? Whatev'.. cool story ,bro :)
DakotaBrodeur's avatar
DakotaBrodeur - 46 days ago  - (Points 88)
Have you ever noticed how ‘What the hell’ is always the right decision to make?
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 46 days ago  - (Points 10945)
Another magdump in an intersection with other cars. Fucker would not have been in danger if he stayed in the fucking car till the beaner was wedged in or incapacitated. Trade some paint stop the fucker then magdump somewhere not in an intersection....
BlueEyedDevil's avatar
BlueEyedDevil - 46 days ago  - (Points 3265)
I know I’m going to get some shit but I don’t see a reason why the cop didn’t just step aside to make his safe space a little more comfortable. Instead of moving his car to block the guy he put himself in a position to kill somebody, almost shot his cop buddy, and was ready to shoot again in the direction of more innocent people. This was more bullshit from a trigger happy cop.
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 46 days ago  - (Points 5644)
Always good to see thugs made to assume ambient temperature.
SetzerDesign's avatar
SetzerDesign - 46 days ago  - (Points 665)
well...should've stopped eh? now you stopped living...dumbass!

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