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Phoenix Light Rail Riders Aid in Attack on Woman in Wheelchair

46 days ago, 1785 views
A frightening attack on a woman in a wheelchair on the light rail in Phoenix was thwarted last month by a hero rider who flew into action at the right moment.

Phoenix police released light-rail surveillance video on Saturday morning of the incident in hopes of finding the vicious and cowardly criminal.

It was Friday, November 29, at 3:40 p.m., at the 12th Street and Jefferson platform, according to Sergeant James Rothschild of the Phoenix Police Department, who sent a news release to the media with the video and screenshots.&

As the first segment of the video shows, a man in a red hoodie and blue jeans is seen sitting in a chair across from the woman in the wheelchair, apparently contemplating what he was about to do. He gets up as the train stops on a platform and unhooks the surprised woman from her seat belt. He then begins maneuvering her
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CDebussey's avatar
CDebussey - 44 days ago  - (Points 252)
If there ever was a motherfucker that needed a beat down. Goddamn, who the fuck steals a damn wheelchair from someone who's still in it?
Nukemallffs's avatar
Nukemallffs - 44 days ago  - (Points 786)
Wait it wasn't a nigger that did that? Wow that's a first
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 45 days ago  - (Points 14987)
Strange fucker
Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 45 days ago  - (Points 8084)
He got arrested: still had on his reindeer slippers. Austin Shurbutt.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 45 days ago  - (Points 13705)
Runs toward the CCTV and thinks, "Ha, Ha, Ha I got away with it!"
BlueEyedDevil's avatar
BlueEyedDevil - 45 days ago  - (Points 3265)
Who the fuck steals a fucking wheelchair? And with somebody in it! Glad to see they helped out and he trotted off like the bitch he is.
SouthBayDave's avatar
SouthBayDave - 46 days ago  - (Points 3440)
The title is a little hinky. Makes it sound like they helped attack. Good videos Butter, you rock.

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