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Baltimore police are investigating arrest shown in viral video

46 days ago, 2266 views
Baltimore police say they’re investigating the arrest of a man which was captured on video and went viral on social media.

The 45-second video posted on Twitter begins with two officers positioned over a man while he lays on his stomach on the sidewalk. The video does not show the interaction between the man and the officers before video recording began.

One officer is on top of the man’s upper back with his arm wrapped around his neck. He yells at the man to put his arms behind his back.\

The man on the ground can be heard yelling, “’re choking me, sir! ’re choking me.” Two people are heard speaking with the officers during the arrest but are not in camera view.

Police said they’ve been investigating the incident since Monday, when the arrest occurred, though the video was brought to their attention Thursday.

“In all cases like this, we investigate the circumstances that led to the arrest and evaluate whether the arrest itself and the use of force are in compliance with the department’s policies and procedures,” said Matthew Jablow, spokesperson for the Baltimore Police Department.. Jablow identified the man being arrested as 23-year-old Dixon.

His charges have since been dropped, the Baltimore state attorney’s office said.

“Based on the review of the unreleased body worn camera footage, dismissal of the charges was warranted and further investigation has been initiated,” said Zy Richardson, spokesperson for the Baltimore state attorney’s office.

The dropped charges included felony drug possession, trespassing and resisting arrest for allegedly biting the
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iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 44 days ago  - (Points 3603)
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Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 45 days ago  - (Points 35657)
...That really felt like a wrestling match... I was waiting for a ref to fly in for a 3 count...

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STtyrone - 45 days ago  - (Points 14987)
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TheyStink - 45 days ago  - (Points 2355)
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doinkdaclown - 45 days ago  - (Points 3027)
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John_Rondo's avatar
John_Rondo - 45 days ago  - (Points 6217)
Actually, I would enjoy seeing those cops shoot the teeth out of the mouths of those running their gums. Baltimore has turned into a complete, filthy, drug infested shit hole.
BigCK's avatar
BigCK - 45 days ago  - (Points 1224)
I can’t understand why this went “viral” This is how you deal with a crazed Dindoo who resists arrest.
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eab210 - 45 days ago  - (Points 227)
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Happy_Ears - 45 days ago  - (Points 7113)
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JosephPearlman's avatar
JosephPearlman - 46 days ago  - (Points 133)
That's the idea, choke him into compliance!
Poncho's avatar
Poncho - 46 days ago  - (Points 306)
Any Caucasian police officer with a brain would not work in cities like Baltimore.
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 46 days ago  - (Points 3931)
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gmtgmt - 46 days ago  - (Points 5644)
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GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 46 days ago  - (Points 2966)
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SetzerDesign - 46 days ago  - (Points 665)
viral? why? dindu wouldn't comply. nothing to see here.
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STtyrone - 45 days ago  - (Points 14987) SetzerDesign

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