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Attempted hit and run in Germany

9 days ago, 2766 views
Attempted hit and run in Germany
Tags: Attempted, hit, and, run, in, Germany
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STtyrone - 7 days ago  - (Points 11099)
Stupid bitch
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LooR - 8 days ago  - (Points 1281)
Its not germany its Austria, first the dialect seemed strange to me for Germany than i see on the Van the company Name Kappler. Its a austrian company from the austrian province Oberösterreich and i spottet a L on the plade of the drunk pussy that not looks german, so the L stands for the city Linz also in Oberösterreich. funny fact: the man who is considered to be the most famous austrian today is mozart, but that was germany during his lifetime and he himself also regarded himself as german. The most famous German was Hitler, a born Austrian...
Sixstrung's avatar
Sixstrung - 8 days ago  - (Points 544)
That'll look good in court.
Poncho's avatar
Poncho - 8 days ago  - (Points 175)
But in the movies women are equal and kick ass!!!
Kommissar_Rizzo's avatar
Kommissar_Rizzo - 8 days ago  - (Points 1479)
Just film her and the license hard can it be.....then get her out of the car and beat the cromosomes out of her
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doinkdaclown - 8 days ago  - (Points 2433)
Isn't that just how all women drive? Go forward until you hear a crunch?
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 8 days ago  - (Points 2798)
The filter was just as drunk by whatever was driving. Film the driver dummkopf. She was wasted. I speak OK German but she was so slurred I couldn’t understand.
EMU911's avatar
EMU911 - 8 days ago  - (Points 2310)
Women drivers. What can you say
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scorched_earth - 8 days ago  - (Points 17681)
LMFAO stupid bitch

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STtyrone - 7 days ago  - (Points 11099) scorched_earth
Thoughts exactly
JFK's avatar
JFK - 8 days ago  - (Points 1100)
The bitch has quite a heavy tongue. Her licence will be gone, that's for sure! Fuckin' drunken drivers....
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maxton123 - 8 days ago  - (Points 1725)
This is right out of a cartoon...FFS oh my God so funny
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Flame - 8 days ago  - (Points 1884)
amazing driving skills there javol, PMSL

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