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He beat a taxi driver, stole a car, killed a man

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Inadequate man committed a series of crimes that ended in a fatal accident in Nur-Sultan. The final part of the adventures of the 23-year-old suspect was in the video.According to local media , on the morning of Tuesday, December 3, a man who consumed a fair amount of alcohol attacked a taxi driver. He beat the driver and stole a car.

After some time, an attacker traveling in a strange car drove at high speed to prohibit a traffic signal and demolished two pedestrians.

A downed woman of forty-eight years old died, a child born in 2005 received injuries of varying severity and was hospitalized

The alleged culprit of the incident was detained by law enforcement officials.
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STtyrone - 7 days ago  - (Points 11099)
And now hes fucked, Enjoy
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gmtgmt - 8 days ago  - (Points 4879)
Was it a nigger by any chance? It's usually a shitskin when violence, theft and stupidity are all combined.
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iLLeGiTiMo - 8 days ago  - (Points 3101)
a 'fair' amount of alcohol. according to alcoholsteins PR guru. a 'strange' car, according to autosteins pr guru in coordination with oilstein marketing and co.
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Flame - 8 days ago  - (Points 1884)
what a fucking cunt!
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Kommissar_Rizzo - 9 days ago  - (Points 1479)
This sure is a unforgetable night

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