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Body cam video shows Louisville police officer tasing woman sitting on her hands

65 days ago, 2463 views
When Stephon Beckam found out his wife was going to the hospital for an irregular heart beat after being tased by Louisville Metro Police Officer Gregory Satterly, he asked the officer a question – followed by a threat.

“ think are going to get away with that don’t ?” Beckam asked Satterly from the back of a police cruiser as he was being taken to jail on a charge of trespassing on Oct. 23, 2016. “I’m going to get for assaulting my wife – and me.”

The footage reveals for the first time the incident that resulted in Metro government paying the Beckams $50,000 to avoid a lawsuit alleging they were assaulted and wrongfully arrested and that police tried to cover up Satterly’s actions.

Now, the Beckams and their attorney want to know why an internal investigation of the incident took more than two years to complete and Satterly stayed on the street, where he used excessive force against two more citizens before he was fired in April.

“He continued to have a job and carry out two more incidents, that we are aware of,” said attorney Johnson, who represents the Beckams. “It’s not clear how an officer could have a job after what happened in this body camera footage alone.”

LMPD hasn’t responded to questions asking why Satterly remained on active duty during the excessive use-of-force investigation and why the investigations took so long.

Nor has the department provided body camera footage of Satterly’s excessive force incidents, which WDRB requested in September. A spokeswoman said at the time those recordings could take months to produce. Charges against Beckam and his wife, Nyshan Beckam, including trespassing and resisting arrest, were dismissed in September 2017.

By that time, Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conrad had begun an internal investigation into Satterly. It remained open from January 2017 until April of this year.

On April 23, Satterly was fired, in part, for tasing Nyshan Beckam while, according to Conrad, she was complying with the officer’s commands.

Body camera video obtained by WDRB shows Nyshan Beckam on the ground several feet away from Satterly, sitting on her hands when she was tased.

“I believe acted out of anger rather than out of perceived threat of immediate danger to an officer or another person,” Conrad wrote in Satterly’s termination letter in April.

But while the investigation was pending, Satterly apparently remained on active duty and was found by police to have used excessive force on two more occasions.

The same month Conrad opened an investigation into the arrests of the Beckams, Satterly threw a handcuffed man to the ground, where he was berated, cursed and told him to "Listen to me boy!” according to the officer’s April termination letter.

An investigation into that incident began on June 28, 2017, according to police records.
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Happy_Ears - 61 days ago  - (Points 7113)
Fucking filthy niggers.
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Meatsaw12346 - 64 days ago  - (Points 1728)
They like to cause themselves problems, I haven't read the break down but I'm guessing that the driver had no business being behind the wheel; suspended or revoked, They been riding around all day hoping for an unlawful police encounter so they can file suit on the department and the state. I'm not the biggest fan of police officers but I"m not stupid either. If following orders gets me home quicker then tell me what to do. You don't want to be stopped in the first place but then you're going to spend hours arguing when all you had to do is show I.D. or don't drive if you're not legal. I don't think the officers are required to get a supervisor when asked I think it's at their discretion and if Mrs. I asked to see the supervisor would have followed orders he probably would have called one.
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Reich_Z - 64 days ago  - (Points 555)
Who the fuck forgot to lock the monkey cage........
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TheyStink - 64 days ago  - (Points 2355)
All tazing is justified as soon as you hear the word "axe". That is a threat. She said she wanted to axe his supervisor. He was just protecting fellow officers.
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doinkdaclown - 64 days ago  - (Points 3012)
I just talked to my supervisor. He told me to taze the living shit out of you.
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Organic_Panic - 65 days ago  - (Points 3931)
I love when the dindu CPU gets stuck in an infinite loop error.
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saltine - 65 days ago  - (Points 3567)
retard negro has one track mind. Stuck on stupid.
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gmtgmt - 65 days ago  - (Points 5644)
Why do niggers go into the "scratched record" mode all the time?
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 65 days ago  - (Points 3931) gmtgmt
Because they dindu nuffins. They dindu nuffins. They dindu nuffins. They dindu nuffins.
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apachesmile - 65 days ago  - (Points 13705)
Be nice, polite, courteous, show your ID and comply. What do you think the Supervisor will do?
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beeeFyyy - 65 days ago  - (Points 53)
That cop just wanted to "show everyone who's boss." Fuck that piece of shit. And the other officer who allowed it to happen, take his job too.
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apachesmile - 65 days ago  - (Points 13705) beeeFyyy
Get back to us after you been mugged.
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Darmax - 65 days ago  - (Points 19745)
Completely justified. Ignoring police instructions is not an option, especially when they nigger out "i axed to speek wit da supavisa" over and over in their primitive ape brains. Niggers are an entropic societal infection.
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beeeFyyy - 65 days ago  - (Points 53) Darmax
One more time, could hardly hear you with all that cop dick in your mouth.
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Jake_99 - 65 days ago  - (Points 3733)
Nice fun day out in Louisville lol .....
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Fry_Swatter - 65 days ago  - (Points 35581)
....Asshole cops mixed with dindoo shenanigans = Good LR video when both parties involved are morons....

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Onlyonecanopy - 65 days ago  - (Points 6656)
Looks like 6;30 Thanksgiving where I come from
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Santiago - 65 days ago  - (Points 1228)
was he high? c'mon one idiot doesn't equal to all cops.. this guy should be fired indeed
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orie.lowe - 65 days ago  - (Points 4306)
un believable who are they hiring to be a cop in states.. indispensable right there
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 65 days ago  - (Points 35581) orie.lowe
....I'm pretty sure Louisville, KY is nothing compared to Newark, NJ.... It's still worth a laugh to see what Google thinks of Louisville....

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Jussijustin - 65 days ago  - (Points 10011)
donut brain.. fire his fucking ass
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Gomez - 65 days ago  - (Points 2669)
douche used excessive force.. fire him already
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Zepeeh - 65 days ago  - (Points 12909)
blood thirsty cunt
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Boatshooter - 65 days ago  - (Points 808)
Fucking worthless human beings...
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Jmiller - 65 days ago  - (Points 12653) Boatshooter
I 2nd that.. absolute worthless piece of shits

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