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The collapse of the shelves with alcohol in a store

64 days ago, 2197 views
Near Ryazan, an emergency occurred in one of Pyaterochka stores. In the trading floor, the counters on which alcoholic products stood collapsed.

Video and photo of the incident appeared in the public Rzn_Life of the social network. The video shows how the buyer passes by the shelves and after that the shelves fall and many bottles break on the floor. As many commentators noted, a man was born in a shirt, because if he had gone there a second later, the situation could have ended tragically.

As the author clarifies, the incident happened at one of the points of the distribution network in the village of Miloslavskoye. On frames from CCTV cameras, the date is visible - November 12th.
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STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 63 days ago  - (Points 14572)
Spillage in aisle 2
AbSolitude's avatar
AbSolitude - 63 days ago  - (Points 438)
Building shelving properly: $300. Cost when your shitty job destroys an entire shelf of alcohol: $5000+. Seems like easy math. *edit: why does this fucking website cram all lines of text into the same fucking line, you can't format your shit!
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JohnGalt - 64 days ago  - (Points 10843)
Good thing he was born in a shirt!
SouthBayDave's avatar
SouthBayDave - 64 days ago  - (Points 3405)
Alcohol abuse, pure and simple.
JFK's avatar
JFK - 64 days ago  - (Points 1219)
First time I felt compassion with smashed victims in a video here on LR....
Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 64 days ago  - (Points 8016)
The bottles of vodka wanted to go home with him.
beeeFyyy's avatar
beeeFyyy - 64 days ago  - (Points 53)
Poor bastard walking by probably had hell trying to convince them it wasn't his fault lol. "yeah buddy, suuuuure it wasn't"
ThisIsButter's avatar
ThisIsButter - 64 days ago  - (Points 5212)
I zoomed it in compared to the upload in LL
Jake_99's avatar
Jake_99 - 64 days ago  - (Points 3718)
That guy was seconds away from getting thousands $$$ paid out to him in compo the unlucky fucker lol ......
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 64 days ago  - (Points 35105)
....Of all the things.... This video gave me PTSD....

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