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Man fired several shots inside Kroger before being gunned down by police

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Louisville police provided more details about a fatal shooting involving officers outside of a Kroger store.

According to police, they were called around 6 p.m. Thursday to the store located in the 500 block of N. 35th Street for reports of an active shooter.

Police said Friday that the suspect walked into the Kroger and physically assaulted someone near the meat department. He then brandished a gun and shot several times toward the ceiling.

According to police, the shooter busted a water line, but it doesnt appear anyone was hit.

Chief Steve Conrad said two officers, Patrick Norton and Alex Dugan, responded within minutes.

LMPD said a witness was able to provide them with a description of the shooter before he walked outside.

When the suspect exited the store, he fired shots toward the officers, and they fired back several rounds.

The suspect died at the scene. No other injuries were reported.

Conrad said both officers are on administrative reassignment as the public integrity unit investigates.

So far, nearly 50 witnesses have been interviewed. Police are asking anyone with video or info to please call 513-574-LMPD and speak with an officer.

The store was closed following the shooting, but is back open as of 4 p.m. Friday.
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Nukemallffs - 32 days ago  - (Points 764)
pew pew
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JohnnyLaRue - 33 days ago  - (Points 53)
I love dead nigger feelgood stories. Good day for humans.
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LekoLow23 - 33 days ago  - (Points 1015) JohnnyLaRue
Lol............... agreed
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Jmiller - 33 days ago  - (Points 11877)
if u dont obey, you die.. simple
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STtyrone - 33 days ago  - (Points 11231)
Always a good strat to the day when a Nig dies.
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Chinook - 33 days ago  - (Points 906)
Possibly 17 pistol rounds (9 mm?) and 3 rifle rounds (223 or 5.56?) maybe more, into the suspect. Excellent job officers!
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iLLeGiTiMo - 33 days ago  - (Points 3119)
Thanks, paid leave for you, but was it really a man?
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RealiJustinsane - 33 days ago  - (Points 11312)
Dead Nigger reports never get old! Another one less!
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gmtgmt - 33 days ago  - (Points 4889)
Inability to follow orders? Guess that means another nigger gets to be graduated.
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SouthBayDave - 33 days ago  - (Points 3076) gmtgmt
Or made good.
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Borderlord - 33 days ago  - (Points 17805)
How many rounds were in that first mag...….. Jumpy fuckers them Glocks...…..

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