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Physical education teacher knocks out a man after accusing him of damaging his car

29 days ago, 1770 views
In Novokuznetsk, a physical education teacher, moonlighting as a karate trainer, demonstrated a boxing master class to the deputy director of the Creative House - accused him of damaging his car and sent him to a knockout.

The victim barely had time to notice that the stranger accusing him had realized that he had received a severe blow to his face, fell down and could no longer rise.

The incident occurred on November 4 near the park of Alyuminishchik recreation center, from where a battered worker of the house of creativity returned with his companion after organizing the holiday.

The aggressive man did not allow the victims friend to help and led him to the side, leaving the battered Anton to lie on the pavement, where doctors later diagnosed a jaw fracture and concussion the blow was the strongest.A statement was written to the police, but there were no official comments from law enforcement agencies. The attacker turned out to be a physical education teacher and karate trainer, works with children and, as it turned out, can easily attack strangers in his spare time.

The City of News publication wrote about the incident and noted that Anton “fears that things will be hushed up,because his offender may have certain connections
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STtyrone - 28 days ago  - (Points 10591)
Bang and hes down
BigCK's avatar
BigCK - 29 days ago  - (Points 761)
Folded like a hot Mars Bar.
LekoLow23's avatar
LekoLow23 - 29 days ago  - (Points 965)
he went down like a true champ, pmsl!!
Rainmaker's avatar
Rainmaker - 29 days ago  - (Points 2237)
when he was up, he asked where the truck go
Onlyonecanopy's avatar
Onlyonecanopy - 29 days ago  - (Points 5471)
He has absorbed nothing from class

brent70's avatar
brent70 - 29 days ago  - (Points 5636)
lights out for sure.....
amirzx's avatar
amirzx - 29 days ago  - (Points 4088)
wow.. one punch love right there
fatcashflow's avatar
fatcashflow - 29 days ago  - (Points 2278)
PE teacher. Send him to the gulag.

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