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KPD officer cleared in fatal shooting of Philly Pheap

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A Knoxville Police Department officer will not face charges in the shooting of an unarmed man after the two got into a confrontation Aug. 26.

Knox County District Attorney General Charme Allen made the announcement Thursday afternoon, saying shed reviewed numerous pieces of evidence gathered in the investigation following the shooting and had first spoken to Pheaps family about her decision.

Pheap, 33, was shot and killed by KPD K-9 Officer Dylan Williams after a struggle outside an apartment complex off Merchant Drive in Northwest Knoxville. The Knox County Sheriffs Office investigated the shooting, based on a mutual, standing agreement with KPD.

\\\ Allen said in a press conference Thursday that the DAGs job in a case like this is to determine whether or not the shooting by the officer was justifiable. She cleared Officer Williams of any wrongdoing, saying she believed he was in fear for his life when he fired the fatal shot.

During their confrontation, Williams was shot with his own Taser by Pheap, evidence showed.

Allen took her time, laying out the evidence. Investigators determined that Pheap was involved in a hit-and-run on Baxter Avenue that evening and that he left the scene of the accident. A witness called 911 and followed Pheaps gold sedan as he told a dispatcher what happened and where they were located. He was able to provide the license plate number. Officer Williams ran the license plate and got an address at the Tillery Ridge apartments. He drove there to check it out and spotting the vehicle, he pulled in behind it

Allen showed the video from Williams cruiser. You can see him go around the corner of the building and hear as he encounters Pheap, asking him about the vehicle and telling him to take his hands out of his pockets at one point.

You hear the sounds of a struggle and eventually see the two men come rolling down the hill between the buildings, locked in a physical fight. They then go out of camera range again.

You can hear Williams ordering Pheap to the ground and telling him to stop multiple times before you hear the gunshots.

In his statement to investigators, Williams said that at one point, Pheap attempted to choke him. Later, Williams said he pulled his Taser and ordered Pheap to stop, but Pheap lunged forward and they began fighting for control of the weapon.

Williams said he was close enough to his cruiser that he tried to get to the rear door in order to release his K-9 Nash out of the car. During that time when his focus was divided, Pheap got control of the Taser and fired it at Williams.

;Williams said he thought Pheap would incapacitate him, then get his gun and kill him. He said he knew he had to end the threat and thats when he fired his gun.
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doinkdaclown's avatar
doinkdaclown - 10 days ago  - (Points 2026)
"Philly Pheap"?? Sounds like a nickname for a serial criminal in Philadelphia. "The Philly Pheaper". Whatever Pheaping is, he must have done a lot of it.
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John_Rondo - 11 days ago  - (Points 3652)
Should have stayed in Philly, Philly Pheat. "Well you stupid fuck, loog at u now"

JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 11 days ago  - (Points 8913)
Middle of the day, involved in hit and run, sheeeiitt...
fleabag's avatar
fleabag - 11 days ago  - (Points 1621) JohnGalt
...lololol.....yeah what's new...
uncorkedzebra9's avatar
uncorkedzebra9 - 11 days ago  - (Points 2290)
It's the fucking wild west ... Modern day
BlackHole's avatar
BlackHole - 11 days ago  - (Points 3148)
obey or die, simple

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