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NOPD body-cam video details shootout with burglary suspects that wounded man

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Dramatic body-worn camera video released on Thursday shows an armed burglary suspect shooting at New Orleans Police Department officers in the Lower 9th Ward on Oct. 28 before the officers returned fire, department officials said.<br /><br />In a press conference at NOPD headquarters, Superintendent Shaun Ferguson and internal investigators gave the fullest account yet of the gun battle, the latest of several involving NOPD officers this year.<br /><br />The exchange of gunfire left one suspect wounded, one in jail and another on the lam.<br /><br />After releasing the video, Ferguson said it underscored the dangers the officers faced when they decided to fire.<br /><br />"The video that youve just seen clearly shows how quickly, within seconds, events moved," Ferguson said. "There was no time for our officers to react in any way other than to defend themselves against the actions of these perpetrators."<br /><br />According to the department, the shootout started with a 911 call about a burglary in the 1000 block of Deslonde Street around 5:30 p.m. Oct. 28.<br /><br />Videos show three uniformed officers surrounding a house. According to the department, a plainclothes detective, Ladarius Johnson, positioned himself nearby on North Rampart Street.<br /><br />An officer bangs on a door, identifying himself as a policeman. He is speaking to a woman, who answers the door and calls herself a resident, when glass shatters and gunfire begins. Three people are seen running through the backyard of the residence in an apparent attempt to flee.<br /><br />Officials believe 21-year-old Jeremy Meilleur fired the first round toward officers as he tried to escape. The NOPD released an "enhanced" body-worn camera video with a zoomed-in view of Meilleurs hands, which officials said shows him leveling a gun at cops.<br /><br />In the barrage that followed, Johnson and Officer Jordan Adderley fired a collective 12 shots, police believe. Investigators suspect Meilleur may have fired a second shot.<br /><br />Adderleys camera captures him running across the yard and jumping over a fence toward the sound of gunfire on Rampart Street.<br /><br />Meilleur is seen in the drivers seat of a minivan, poised to flee the scene. More rounds are fired. After several seconds, Meilleur complies with officers commands to get on the ground.<br /><br />Police said he suffered a minor wound in his upper right flank from Johnsons fire.
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apachesmile - 28 days ago  - (Points 11517)
Nauga had a sock on his hand to hide fingerprints and help prevent cuts from glass.

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