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A minibus knocked down a janitor at full speed

11 days ago, 559 views
A video of the moment of the morning accident in the area of ​​the intersection of Streets and Trubachenko in Simferopol appeared on social networks

\ The video shows that the janitor was on the carriageway and cleaned the instrument zone. The man was wearing a bright orange signal vest. The driver of the green Mercedes-Benz minibus, after a car crashed into it, shot down the janitor in full swing.

\ Eyewitnesses report that the injured man was taken to the hospital in serious condition, he has a head injury and broken legs.
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Judge_Ito - 11 days ago  - (Points 781)
Swept away.
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Jake_99 - 11 days ago  - (Points 3195)
I always wondered what a flying janitor looked like and now i do ........
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scorched_earth - 11 days ago  - (Points 16764)
The janitor was " Cleaning the instrument zone" lol what the fuck is that haha is that you stainless lol

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