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Real American (black) Man harassed by libtards for loving our great President!

12 days ago, 958 views
Here we have another fine example of lib tards harassing real American black citizens who support our wonderful president trump and it shows the lunacy of the left in its truest form. MAGA!!!! Get out and vote these liberal retards out of existence. Pray for our president!
Tags: Trump, maga, 2020
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Leviathan - 9 days ago  - (Points 3140)
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doinkdaclown - 10 days ago  - (Points 2026)
It's a tossup between Millennial Millie and Kaitlin Bennett who is the hotter real Americans wet dream. They both are smoking hot and have their head in the right place.
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Borderlord - 11 days ago  - (Points 17122)
Did he say he was a bender...…….:-)))))))) Check it out at -3:51
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BigCK - 11 days ago  - (Points 390)
I was going to muster up a comment about American politics until I remembered the total cluster fuck of a bunch of arseholes we have in Britain. ;)
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Borderlord - 11 days ago  - (Points 17122) BigCK
You are so's a pity we couldn't get them the fuck out of this country too...……..
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TheyStink - 11 days ago  - (Points 1070)
Proof when two libtards fuck they birth special needs kids...

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Fry_Swatter - 11 days ago  - (Points 31447)
....He'd be there all night explaining to the SJW's that the ghetto is not a cultural wonderland of black utopian society.... FFS, maybe the guy doesn't want to lose his loved ones to pointless Democratic inner city violence, an issue Liberals care fuck all about.... Orange man bad....

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fatcashflow - 12 days ago  - (Points 2037)
I can’t think of anything worse than arguing about politics with complete strangers out in the streets. Complete waste of time.
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GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 12 days ago  - (Points 2255)
Real Interview starts about 3 minutes or so

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