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Sheriff’s Office Releases Video Of Carmichael Incident Where Woman Was Killed In Front Of Deputies

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911 calls end at 2:53

Investigators have released footage of the Oct. 27 incident where a woman was shot and killed in front of deputies.

It happened after a man and a woman were seen arguing outside a Carmichael apartment complex around 1 a.m. Shortly after Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived on the scene, the man shot the woman – prompting deputies to fire at the suspect.

Both the man and the woman died at the scene.

The sheriff’s office says the pair knew each other, but have not elaborated on the nature of their relationship.

According to the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, the woman has been identified as 23-year-old Chanell Brown. The man has been identified as\\ Wednesday, the sheriff’s office released both 911 audio of the incident and private surveillance video taken right where the shooting happened.

In the video, a woman can be seen coming into frame with her hands up. Deputies can be heard directing her, while it also appears that she’s talking to the suspect.

As the woman walks behind a fence, the suspect is seen rushing to the woman. Several shots and screams are then heard ringing out, then more gunfire is heard coming from deputies.

The sheriff’s office has identified the suspect as 25-year-old Earnest Easterling.
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apachesmile - 29 days ago  - (Points 11517)
All the gun laws, large capacity magazine ban's in California stop this Naga one minute. Where is "They should have shot him in the legs" at?
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rcpilotjae - 29 days ago  - (Points 6297)
Niggers causing trouble, but they din du nothin....

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Meatsaw12346 - 29 days ago  - (Points 1677)
She scritched hiz whip, bent a rim, how he gonna trick people to thinking he be having money if his buy here pay here BMW is wrecked, he been dodging the repo man fo feaux months now.
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ScottoFl2014 - 29 days ago  - (Points 9)
Wish they had gun control laws. He wouldn't have had one because he would have been first in line to comply.
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Krigeris - 30 days ago  - (Points 127)
Clean up that description you lazy copy pasting jew
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STtyrone - 30 days ago  - (Points 10457) Krigeris
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ThisIsButter - 30 days ago  - (Points 4189) Krigeris
The upload submits it that way. Takes time for it to readjust it back
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Texboy - 30 days ago  - (Points 16579) Krigeris
user banned for being a dickhead. Do not flame the up-loaders, period.
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Koko - 30 days ago  - (Points 11343) Krigeris
bad move, douche, lol owned

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