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Science trick ends with Allaho AKBAR! LOL

30 days ago, 2446 views
Science trick ends with Allaho AKBAR! LOL
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Organic_Panic - 26 days ago  - (Points 2624)
Usually they strap it their kids’ suicide vests. Don’t mix sodium and water,
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jimbob - 29 days ago  - (Points 5903)
Yeah Mr. White! Yeah Science!
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TetocoTuculo - 30 days ago  - (Points 360)
This aint gonna get em 72 virgin broads in muslim paradise... shoulda killed some infidels too...
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Jake_99 - 30 days ago  - (Points 3327)
And the best teacher of the year award goes to .......
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GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 30 days ago  - (Points 2449)
What a fool. You NEVER mix that quantity of elemental Sodium and Water. You get H2 gas and the flame front will ignite the gaseous cloud and boom goes your face. Reaction is Na(s) + H20 (L) --> H2 (g) + NaOH (aq) + a shit ton of heat. This was 100% sodium due to the flame color (orange). Potassium in water burns with a purple/red flame front mixed with orange as hydrogen gas is released. Also K is instantly explosive in water whereas Na is a slower rate of reaction but still volatile.
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Bamf99 - 30 days ago  - (Points 807)
Feel-good Video of the Year
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RealiJustinsane - 30 days ago  - (Points 11281)
Is that open green bottle an offshore version of Mountain Dew?
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John_Rondo - 30 days ago  - (Points 4245) RealiJustinsane
I thought Fresca ina 60's bottle ,lol

RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 30 days ago  - (Points 11281) RealiJustinsane
Fucking funny!...Probably, yeah!
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Sixstrung - 30 days ago  - (Points 527)
The stuff was probably some type of alkali metal. If I knew what the liquid was I might offer a guess. That 'teacher' isn't worth a pinch of shit if he doesn't know what those reactions lead to.
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VoiceOfTreason - 30 days ago  - (Points 115) Sixstrung
Yup, lithium in water.
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SpontaneousCombustion - 30 days ago  - (Points 104) VoiceOfTreason
Pretty sure thats Potassium as it's white, Lithium usually turns dark when exposed to Oxygen
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gmtgmt - 30 days ago  - (Points 4755)
I wonder what that was, sodium hypochlorite granules and glycol / brake fluid can do a similar (nothing happening - then fierce flame) but the explosion at the end intrigues / puzzles me.
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Flame - 30 days ago  - (Points 1855)
i wanna see a video from amid east where things dont get blown up, lmao
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STtyrone - 30 days ago  - (Points 10457)
Forgot to add the bearings and nails
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Chupa - 30 days ago  - (Points 4284)
its in their DNA to scram Allaho Akbar when they hear explosion
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AmericanDad - 30 days ago  - (Points 2374) Chupa
its within the culture lol
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EvilJosh - 30 days ago  - (Points 1071)
lol at that ACKBAAR in the end
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Fry_Swatter - 30 days ago  - (Points 32290)
...You can't introduce a drop of Muslim blood to freedom of any kind or it becomes explosive....

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uncorkedzebra9 - 30 days ago  - (Points 2555) Fry_Swatter
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BlackHole - 30 days ago  - (Points 3499)
I had a chemistry teacher who blew up the science lab a couple of times per month... He was awesome..

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