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K-9 apprehension of car break/burglary suspect

20 days ago, 1927 views
Weve seen a rash of residential burglaries and car breaks in parts of Deltona dating back to Sept. 24.

One of our suspects was Henry Smith, and he had a warrant out for his arrest. Overnight, thanks to a lot of hard work and cooperation between deputies, detectives and our Crime Suppression Team, Smith was caught in the act of committing several more car breaks in Deltona.

K-9 Mako apprehended him by the foot.
Tags: dog, police, k9, bite
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ImAwakeNow's avatar
ImAwakeNow - 19 days ago  - (Points 2508)
Good Job Doggy! Dog's are a great judge of character! That poor dog must have a bad taste in his mouth from that Meth head.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 20 days ago  - (Points 30681)
....I am SHOCKED the Democrats haven't come after our dogs as well as our firearms to ensure the safety of the criminal elite.... They're slipping....
iwillms's avatar
iwillms - 20 days ago  - (Points 1778)
Oh poor criminal got a few bite marks... buh buh huu
maxton123's avatar
maxton123 - 20 days ago  - (Points 1212) iwillms
He's probably going to sue the police department..
BlackHole's avatar
BlackHole - 20 days ago  - (Points 2885)
What a enjoyment to watch a K-9 at work..
John_Rondo's avatar
John_Rondo - 20 days ago  - (Points 3436) BlackHole
GSD's best law enforcement/military dog on the planet hands down. I'm looking at one as I type.

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