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Five people injured in a serious accident

30 days ago, 1817 views
There were shots of a traffic accident with the victims that occurred on the night of last Saturday, October 19, in the village of Afonino, Kstovsky district, Nizhny Novgorod region.

The driver of the Volkswagen Passat car at high speed slipped into a red light and rammed the Mitsubishi L200. The pickup just turned left and crossed the oncoming traffic lane.

According to local media , five people received injuries of varying severity as a result of the incident. All of them were hospitalized.
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HaywoodJablome's avatar
HaywoodJablome - 30 days ago  - (Points 2001)
Despite what the description implies, the car turning is at fault since they cannot see what the traffic signal was for oncoming traffic, what was visible however was oncoming traffic that they turned into.
uncorkedzebra9's avatar
uncorkedzebra9 - 30 days ago  - (Points 2290)
Why turning like that... must be on something and froze
Sixstrung's avatar
Sixstrung - 30 days ago  - (Points 418)
Road head is deadly.
albobest's avatar
albobest - 30 days ago  - (Points 21761)
he saw the camera...
BlackHole's avatar
BlackHole - 30 days ago  - (Points 3148) albobest
Everybody wants to be on camera, very dumb way to get on camera, but if that's the only way!!!....
fleabag's avatar
fleabag - 30 days ago  - (Points 1621) albobest
Smile before the airbag hits...

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