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Turkish Backed SNA captured entire Ras al-Ain City from YPG.

23 days ago, 1899 views
Turkish Backed forces captured entire Ras al-Ain City from YPG.
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Sixstrung - 22 days ago  - (Points 359)
We'll sell the Middle East all the weapons they want, and when they are done murdering each other, we can just walk in and enjoy the resources they leave. I bet most of them don't even remember why they hate each other.
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fatcashflow - 22 days ago  - (Points 1916)

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Siankovic - 22 days ago  - (Points 14736)
Those allegations against the YPG is true, they did same in Iraq.. where they are prosecuting Arabs typical individual transgressions but a systematic policy of ethnic cleansing... why do you think Israel supports Kurds? anything Israel supports is EVIL, period
Hasanshah90's avatar
Hasanshah90 - 22 days ago  - (Points 272) Siankovic
Kurd turds are commies, and west supports these, just to piss Turks off, but when it comes to reality they sell them out within a day like USA did, bawhaha
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SailorDave - 22 days ago  - (Points 2627) Hasanshah90
stfu sand nigger
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greyson.bosco - 22 days ago  - (Points 1388) Hasanshah90
lmao savage xD and greed, stfu u sand nigger @hasan
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RealiJustinsane - 22 days ago  - (Points 10680) Siankovic
Kurds are the head chopping pets of the chicken shit Israeli's, going back to some 5,000 year old fable when the region was known as Assyria......
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 22 days ago  - (Points 2661) Siankovic
exactly, how could a stateless militant ethnic group benefit a responsible jewish leadership? the emperor has no clothes
HassanQ's avatar
HassanQ - 22 days ago  - (Points 1400)
Kurds destroyed 'thousands' of Arab homes in Syria says.. Amnesty so its all good they go back home
brent70's avatar
brent70 - 22 days ago  - (Points 5098) HassanQ
i don't support Turks but i support these arabs, because it belongs to them not to Kurdish militia
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Convictus - 22 days ago  - (Points 5366) brent70
That's what trump says.. Arabs goes back to their home, and we have the oil, LOL
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Lilibet96 - 22 days ago  - (Points 5039) brent70
Trump is awesome man, he dont hide shit, lol savage as fuck MAGA!
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Hasanshah90 - 22 days ago  - (Points 272) brent70
fuck Trump and your wife, cockroach-
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luella19 - 22 days ago  - (Points 2195) brent70
well fuck your wife too, i bet she is like 9 tight and shit
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AmericanDad - 22 days ago  - (Points 2103) brent70
hahaha tight huh? lol
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rRaTeD - 22 days ago  - (Points 989)
great Arabs goes back to their own homes,.. hope they build the region and take the refugees back

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