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Video of an attack on a police officer in the metro

50 days ago, 1480 views
The moment of the attack on a policeman in Moscow on Saturday morning, October 19, fell into the lens of a surveillance camera.

As previously reported , in an undercover passage of the Savelovskaya metro station, a drunk man born in 1991 attacked a police officer at the Moscow Metro.

The injured law enforcement officer was stabbed and was hospitalized.

The attacker was immediately detained by a police squad. Thanks to the actions of the police, none of the civilians was injured," the press service of the metropolitan police emphasized

The causes and circumstances of the emergency have not yet been specified.
Tags: police, attack, subway
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Micha_69's avatar
Micha_69 - 49 days ago  - (Points 3581)
Use your stick for God's sake...
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fleabag - 49 days ago  - (Points 1698)
Cop doesn't do a very good job defending himself... Back in school learning to fight..
Jmiller's avatar
Jmiller - 49 days ago  - (Points 11814)
Shoot the fucker..
DetroitLion's avatar
DetroitLion - 49 days ago  - (Points 3985)
next time send him to hell
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Dimas - 49 days ago  - (Points 2047)
Disappointing they didn't see fit to ventilate this asshole.

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