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APD says man shot, killed by police was reaching for BB gun

25 days ago, 2077 views
New details and body camera footage from an Albuquerque police officer-involved shooting in August have been released. Police said officers shot and killed a man identified as 57-year-old Roger Schafer after he was reportedly seen threatening people with a gun.

Multiple 911 calls came in about a man at Eubank Boulevard and Copper Avenue pointing a gun at people and traffic.

"There is a man on the corner of Copper and Eubank in front of the Payless Shoe Store sitting at the bus stop seat bench. I am driving to work, he's waving a gun around," said a caller to a 911 dispatch.

When officers arrived to the scene, they found Schafer at the bus stop and told him to put his hands up.

In APD bodycam video, Schafer pushes himself from the ground to the bus bench and reaches toward the front of his pants. That's when shots were fired.

"It was a heavily populated area. We have a Walmart in the area with people going in and out of that Walmart, that parking lot was full of vehicles," said an APD officer.

Officers then went to him, seeing the gun in his lap. They attempted to revive him, but he was dead. The gun turned out to be a BB gun that looked like a 9 mm handgun. APD said they are still investigating and that some officer-involved shooting investigations take up to a year to finish.

APD said Schafer was no stranger to the law. He was arrested in 2016 for shooting at a business with a BB gun and arrested in 2018 for drinking in public. Most recently he had been arrested in May 2019 of for an assault on a police officer while wielding an ax.
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Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 24 days ago  - (Points 7254)

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ImAwakeNow - 24 days ago  - (Points 2549)
For those watching at home the correct response was: Yes Sir! Go fuck yourself triggered the whole firing squad.
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gmtgmt - 24 days ago  - (Points 4075)
Well, not properly laying down I guess - but "slumped with intent" counts :)
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Borderlord - 24 days ago  - (Points 15162)
Holy fuck....that was rough enough
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JohnGalt - 25 days ago  - (Points 8634)
Homeless guy+full battle rattle = pussies......
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Judge_Ito - 25 days ago  - (Points 744)
Classic choice of last words. +10 on content.
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apachesmile - 25 days ago  - (Points 10256)
Fucked himself. I knew he was gonna die when his attitude showed up.
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SouthBayDave - 25 days ago  - (Points 2769)
Moron: "Fuck You" Police: "No. Fuck YOU"
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doinkdaclown - 25 days ago  - (Points 1928)
These days air soft guns look and feel exactly like the real thing. So much so that the real gun makers will not let them copy their guns. You can't tell the difference until you pick it up and even then on good ones the slide works the same, the magazine works the same and have blow back just like the real deal.
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MongoBongo - 25 days ago  - (Points 572)
They lit that man the fuck up!
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JFK - 25 days ago  - (Points 975)
How stupid. In the US getting shot by cops trying to reach for a fuckin' BB gun. At least carry a .357 ffs....
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EMU911 - 25 days ago  - (Points 1927)
I wonder how a cop would react if a few people approached them with weapons drawn.
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Buzzward - 25 days ago  - (Points 959) EMU911
They open fire no questions asked......every time.
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apachesmile - 25 days ago  - (Points 10256) EMU911
The same way I would, shoot, first fast and often until the threat was neutralized. See once you realize by experience how fast you can get killed and see enough folks die you know what to do to stay alive.
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Digows - 25 days ago  - (Points 10632)
useless cops.. those cops..
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Convictus - 25 days ago  - (Points 5387)
15 rounds trigger happy fucking douche bags, probably don't even have a high school diploma.. losers

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