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Video shows Idaho trooper narrowly avoiding injury after roadside crash

26 days ago, 1314 views
Idaho State Police shared dramatic video of a trooper who was struck by a car while investigating a crash as a reminder for drivers to slow down and move over when approaching emergency vehicles.

Trooper Llerenas was struck on Highway 53 and Ramsey Road near Rathdrum while investigating a crash last week, police said. Luckily, he was not injured.

The video shows the trooper walking around a wrecked vehicle on the road before a flat truck barreled toward him.

The video shows the truck smashing into the wrecked car, sending it flying into the trooper as he runs backwards to avoid being crushed.

A man then sprinted toward the trooper, calling, "Are you OK? Are you alright?"

“Help keep our area’s first responders safe! Please slow down, move over, and pay attention when approaching emergency vehicles/incidents,” Idaho State Police wrote on Twitter.

New laws approved by the Idaho State Legislature in July expanded the “move over” law.

Motorists must slow down and move over when approaching tow trucks and Idaho Transportation Department maintenance vehicles responding to roadside emergencies. The law already applied to police vehicles and other emergency responder vehicles.

The expansion of the law also extends protections to maintenance workers removing tires, animal carcasses or other objects from the road.

Violators could face a $90 citation.
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STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 26 days ago  - (Points 7519)
Shit, Lucky he wasn't right in front of it
saltine's avatar
saltine - 26 days ago  - (Points 2960)
Cop needs to take a little vacation time after that one....
PostalDude's avatar
PostalDude - 26 days ago  - (Points 1326)
Wow that's something you don't see everyday. A wrecker carrying a wreck, wrecks into another wreck.
Ozymandius's avatar
Ozymandius - 26 days ago  - (Points 1491) PostalDude
LOL, good one!
tat2dbull's avatar
tat2dbull - 26 days ago  - (Points 2355) PostalDude
A demolition derby car no less.
SailorDave's avatar
SailorDave - 26 days ago  - (Points 2630)
lmao at troopers reaction

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