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Black Guy barges on the bus without paying then got bitchy

28 days ago, 2391 views
From OP: The fee for a teen/adult is $2 unless you're a child, elderly, disabled, student, or a govt. employee. This guy barges on the bus without paying or showing ID. This is what happens after the bus driver tells him to pay or get off.
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Dindu12345 - 24 days ago  - (Points 292)
The nigger thinks because he has an EBT and an Obama phone, he is entitled to free rides. Back to Wakanda where you belong, you scum of the earth, you parasite, you filth...
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Sixstrung - 27 days ago  - (Points 397)
And we are subsidizing these worthless bastards. I hate paying taxes, even if it is a small percentage that goes to keeping niggers happy. It's about time they become part of society, instead of leeching.
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rcpilotjae - 28 days ago  - (Points 5489)
Fucking niggers think they're above everyone else.......maybe in Africa....
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BlueEyedDevil - 28 days ago  - (Points 2829) rcpilotjae
Even in Africa every nigger is equally more worthless than every other nigger. Boggles the mind but somehow they pull it off.
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gmtgmt - 28 days ago  - (Points 4075)
Useless niggers. Biggest parasites going. Unable to exist without stealing or handouts. VERY great shame we do not just let nature run its course with these shitskins - and let them die out. Stop handouts, severely punish theft. don't work? Don't eat. Offer one way ticket to Africa in exchange for passport and all legal papers. but whatever it takes,, we need to stop keeping these feral bastards breeding and living at our expense.
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Fry_Swatter - 28 days ago  - (Points 30948)
...."I'm wrong, so i'll be louder".... Typical nigger bullshit like this should have been curbed years ago.... We've tolerated this "i'm a privileged retard" shit for way too long....

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maxton123 - 28 days ago  - (Points 1212)

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mmk2569 - 28 days ago  - (Points 2827)
For $2 he can buy Popeyes for God's sake...
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iwillms - 28 days ago  - (Points 1791) mmk2569
Yeah mayn a hole meal and some bitch fighting with the clerk...a meal and a show!!
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Sonnyrte - 28 days ago  - (Points 3226)
i ain payn shaiht mayn am a nigger
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thebestman31 - 28 days ago  - (Points 3265) Sonnyrte
Yeaaah mayn Niggers ride for free mayn...

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