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Waffle House robbers burst in, force people to the floor in Texas

134 days ago, 2671 views
Waffle House robbers burst in, force people to the floor in Texas. Newly released video shows armed robbers in masks burst into a Waffle House in Houston and force customers to the floor.

Houston police released the surveillance footage Tuesday of the violent robbery on July 23.

The video shows three robbers rush into the restaurant and immediately point guns at customers.

A robber holds a handgun at a man’s head and forces him out of a booth and onto the ground. Then the customer slides what appears to be his cellphone and wallet across the floor to the robber, who stuffed the items in his pockets. “The suspects then forced the manager to open the cash register and removed the money,” police said in a news release.All three men rushed out of the restaurant, leaving customers lying on the floor.

Crime Stoppers is offering $5,000 to anyone who provides a tip leading to the arrest of the robbers.
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Boatshooter's avatar
Boatshooter - 133 days ago  - (Points 846)
2 Things: Only idiots go to Waffle House at night and if you don't have your pistol on you, you're a fucking idiot.
Sakakibara's avatar
Sakakibara - 133 days ago  - (Points 1527)
"open carry" is a word for more guns for low I.Q. criminals. Defend yourself at least.
Darmax's avatar
Darmax - 133 days ago  - (Points 19990)
I can tell from the way it swings left and right while trying to stand still that it's a worthless subhumanic nigger. They can't hide their ape ancestry.
STtyrone's avatar
STtyrone - 134 days ago  - (Points 16520)
Bet he wished he took his gun that day, Would loved to have seen him shoot this fucker
Jpclark7's avatar
Jpclark7 - 134 days ago  - (Points 0)
id rather gets shot there to get on the ground on waffle house floors are dirtier than a truck stop shitters lol
Convictus's avatar
Convictus - 134 days ago  - (Points 6255)
its gonna bitch to split that 200 dollars in 3 ways
jamesdd's avatar
jamesdd - 134 days ago  - (Points 2196)
stupid to do that in Texas.
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 134 days ago  - (Points 446)
Ape gang.. fuck em
MadLui_03's avatar
MadLui_03 - 134 days ago  - (Points 2700)
they stole 20 bux lol
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 134 days ago  - (Points 11260)
Niggers take at a Waffle House on a Tuesday $18.37......
rRaTeD's avatar
rRaTeD - 134 days ago  - (Points 992)
everyone has balls until someone cuts them off
Gio's avatar
Gio - 134 days ago  - (Points 3733)
soon or later someone will nail these cucks
SailorDave's avatar
SailorDave - 134 days ago  - (Points 3252)
they ain doin no nuffn wrong mayng

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