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Dude Casually Jumps in Front of Train

30 days ago, 3113 views
Tags: suicide, russia, cctv
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Leviathan - 29 days ago  - (Points 2780)
I think in Japan they suicide with the most thoughtfulness for the people having to clean up the mess. What kind of asshat makes 40,000 people late to where ever and traumatizes every kid on the platform for life? Get a bottle, get drunk, stick rocks in your pocket and drown yourself when drunk, do it somewhere where they won't need to recover your body, just become a missing person.
if these guys that decide to jump in front of trains I really don't get, seems like than method creates a pretty high chance for a slow and painful death not to mention the mess some poor bloke is going to have to clean up.
Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 29 days ago  - (Points 6600)
Feed the subway monster. It's hungry as shit.
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ThatOtherDude - 30 days ago  - (Points 492)
Yay communism
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Leviathan - 29 days ago  - (Points 2780) ThatOtherDude
Russia hasn't been communist in about 30 years :)
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Koko - 30 days ago  - (Points 10885)
thanks for delaying the trains and shit cunt, goto hell
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JohnGalt - 30 days ago  - (Points 7716)
WTF noise is that they make on the money shot sounds like someone is choking a pig....
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Leviathan - 29 days ago  - (Points 2780) JohnGalt
the woman said aaawwwhhggg yebat
equivalent to an
aaarrrrgggghhhh FFUUUUCCCKKKKK
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Happy_Ears - 30 days ago  - (Points 4275)
Not in front of the kids. You thoughtless bugger.
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Jussijustin - 30 days ago  - (Points 9212)
kids was all screaming jump jump jump, so he did, satanic little fuckers
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Flame - 30 days ago  - (Points 1328)
kids were like, meh we seen worse videos on leakreality, this is nothing
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 30 days ago  - (Points 27379)
...I think those kids go whacked by his shoes... What a front row seat...
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BlackHole - 30 days ago  - (Points 2504)
He's wearing a mask in fear of breathing the pouted air WTF, take of the mask and die from that...
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amirzx - 30 days ago  - (Points 3435)
dumbfuck.. think of the children, traumatized for life
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Chesco - 30 days ago  - (Points 342)
100% They regret their decision in the middle of it because it's not a quick kill. Most cut in half and bleed to death for the next 30 mins.
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Micha_69 - 30 days ago  - (Points 3568) Chesco
Well then he gets some karma for 30 mins...
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Chupa - 30 days ago  - (Points 3561)
look closely kids, i will show you this only once.

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