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Handcuffed suspect killed by police after touching officer’s gun

34 days ago, 2269 views
Handcuffed suspect killed by police after touching officer gun. West Valley City police in Utah shot and killed a DUI suspect who had a “firm grip” on an officer’s firearm.

Newly released video from Aug. 23 shows two police officers struggling to control Michael Chad Breinholt, who was handcuffed in a city hall processing room, before one officer shouts, “He’s got my gun!”
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EMU911's avatar
EMU911 - 31 days ago  - (Points 1347)
Good kill ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)
Rick.Sanchez's avatar
Rick.Sanchez - 34 days ago  - (Points 1331)
Thanks Mike. Really saved the taxpayer some cash there.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 34 days ago  - (Points 8978)
Boom Boom out go the lights.
Dimas's avatar
Dimas - 34 days ago  - (Points 1839)
Why the fuck would anyone title this as "touching officer’s gun"?
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 34 days ago  - (Points 3483)
You have to be spectacularly dense to try and grab an officers gun when you are handcuffed - so the chance of killing all three police officers AND getting out of the station alive have to be the tiniest fraction of 1%. Some folks really are destined to expire
PlayDoh's avatar
PlayDoh - 33 days ago  - (Points 595) gmtgmt
Probably suicide by cop. Drunk, depressed and impulsive. Or wasn’t actually trying to grab his gun, just happened to be where he was reaching and trying to push away. Or he wasn’t grabbing his gun, but the cop thought he was, when it was buddy’s elbow, or the other cops forearm, etc. This is why guns are not supposed to be carried, while dealing with detainees. Imagine a thug facing life getting his hands on one?
Flame's avatar
Flame - 34 days ago  - (Points 1328)
well deserved cock sucker
Dan_Glebitz's avatar
Dan_Glebitz - 34 days ago  - (Points 428)
Cupid Stunt.
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Happy_Ears - 34 days ago  - (Points 4275)
Looks like he got it in the noggin.
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Chesco - 34 days ago  - (Points 342)

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