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Robbery victims beaten in downtown Minneapolis crime spree

8 days ago, 2395 views
Minneapolis Police have broken up a loosely-organized violent downtown crime ring that focused on getting cell phones from drunk people and then beating the victims. During a three-day sweep a couple of weeks ago, cops arrested 16 people, one as young as 13. The assailants punched, kicked and even rode over one man with a bike.

A few days earlier and a few blocks away, people were playing a dice game at Target Field plaza when they swiped a man's cell phone. The victim was stripped, punched and kicked in the head. He was defenseless as the suspects jumped on him, threw potted plants on him and rode over him with a bike.

During a three-day intensive robbery suppression effort a couple weeks ago, Minneapolis Police and Hennepin County deputies identified and arrested 16 suspects in the two attacks. The adults were charged with assault, but nearly half the suspects were juveniles.
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GetReal - 7 days ago  - (Points 4175)
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Luckyaa - 7 days ago  - (Points 187)

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BlueEyedDevil - 7 days ago  - (Points 1804)
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gmtgmt - 7 days ago  - (Points 2587)
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Fry_Swatter - 7 days ago  - (Points 23930)
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EinHorn - 7 days ago  - (Points 7)
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apachesmile - 8 days ago  - (Points 7431)
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JohnGalt - 8 days ago  - (Points 6231)
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SouthBayDave - 8 days ago  - (Points 2138)
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Bamf99 - 8 days ago  - (Points 508)
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Sakakibara - 8 days ago  - (Points 843) Bamf99
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Bamf99 - 7 days ago  - (Points 508) Sakakibara
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iLLeGiTiMo - 8 days ago  - (Points 2037)
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Legpit - 8 days ago  - (Points 3395)
usual suspects

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