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10 Year Old Boy Fatally Struck by Car at Brooklyn Bus Stop

138 days ago, 2855 views
Enzo Farachio, aged 10, was stuck by an SUV while waiting at a bus stop in Brooklyn this past Tuesday. The unsuspecting boy was looking at his phone, when a Lexus SUV veered from the left lane to the right one before jumping a curb. He was thrown at least 5 feet from the accident, leaving him with trauma to his neck and back. Farachio was rushed to a local hospital was pronounced dead at the scene.<br /><br />According to police, the 59-year old man driving the SUV was riding with him who told authorities it appeared her father had a seizure. The boy had just started sixth grade.
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Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 137 days ago  - (Points 7115)
Swept off his feet.
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1 - 137 days ago  - (Points 1793)
Come on child, we gots to go. The police gonna come soon and I gots warrants!
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 138 days ago  - (Points 3585)
in evidence, the legendary compassion of the shtskn
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Koko - 138 days ago  - (Points 11798)
damn dude... brutal
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Jussijustin - 138 days ago  - (Points 10001)
gone with the wind
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Chupa - 138 days ago  - (Points 4533)
where the boy go? Magicccccccccccc

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