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Mom Beats Her Baby Girl For Crying Too Much

3 days ago, 1931 views
Mom Beats Her Baby Girl For Crying Too Much. Some people are not cut out to be parents.

Remember when we told you about the "monster mom" who was charged with killing her 11-year-old daughter by beating the child until her stomach ruptured?

Well, it turns out she isn't the only abusive mom out there.

A heartbreaking video has just surfaced showing a mother beating her baby for crying too much.

As the 27-year-old mother from Hubei named Lui beats the helpless toddler against the floor, you can hear the frighten child scream. Her brother captured the 60-second clip and later uploaded the shocking video onto social media. When questioned by police, the woman told authorities she carried out the cruel attack because she was under a lot of stress and could not get the child to stop crying.

The mother apologized for lashing out and said that she deeply regretted her actions.

The baby girl has been placed under the care of her grandparents as a result of the incident.\\
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GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 3 days ago  - (Points 3985)
She deserves the does her princess brother. (Could someone translate what was said?)
tat2dbull's avatar
tat2dbull - 3 days ago  - (Points 1465)
You know, if you're going to record something like this for evidence in order to report it, you can stop the mom after like 3 or 4 hits and beat the fuck out of her. No need to let it go on and on like that.
Anamelech's avatar
Anamelech - 3 days ago  - (Points 649)
Chinese are very evil people. Just look, how they treat animals and environment. The only reason, why they don't kill each other like the beaners, dindus or gf is their regime. So they channel their malignity into the mass production of low quality crap.
apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 3 days ago  - (Points 7259)
"Hell, is for Children" >Pat Benatar
69X's avatar
69X - 3 days ago  - (Points 52)
So she beats the one girl, then decides to beat the other two younger ones (who are not crying) just out of general principle. I hope she rides a scooter under a cement truck.
Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 3 days ago  - (Points 2444)
I'm surprised she didn't put it in a pot and cook it.
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 3 days ago  - (Points 2396)
That cunt should be set on fire and then, a minute or two later, invite her children to put her out with shovels - if they *want* to put her out that is.
Chesco's avatar
Chesco - 3 days ago  - (Points 244)
This is why to this day i refuse to talk to my mom. I wish i had parents like the ones in Nintendo Switch
prakash2813's avatar
prakash2813 - 3 days ago  - (Points 263)
The brother stopped recording when it was his turn.
GeorgiaMontanaBoy's avatar
GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 3 days ago  - (Points 936)
She needs to be air dropped with a police badge taped to her chest right in the middle of mexico coca farm.
SkazzyRae's avatar
SkazzyRae - 3 days ago  - (Points 267)
bitch needs to get her ass beaten over and over
prakash2813's avatar
prakash2813 - 3 days ago  - (Points 263) SkazzyRae
When those kids grow up, they will run over their mom with their scooter.
lindgren.melba's avatar
lindgren.melba - 3 days ago  - (Points 2091) prakash2813
Ahhh now we know why so many is run over, car, scooter or truck...
prakash2813's avatar
prakash2813 - 3 days ago  - (Points 263) prakash2813
And they will get away with slang eyes excuse.

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