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Woman Arrested for Impersonating an Officer to Get Free Snacks

137 days ago, 2215 views
Woman Arrested for Impersonating an Officer to Get Free Snacks. A police officer is out of a job and her friend faces felony charges after the officer let her friend borrow her badge and gun to get free snacks from QuikTrip, police said.

Police said the DCS officer waited in the car and let her friend use her badge and gun to go into the QT and get free food.

Gwinnett police Officer JT Smith saw the incident and didn’t recognize the officer.

When Smith pulled the woman’s car over, she was still wearing the gun and badge.

Video shows the moment Smith confronted Pektra Edgerton, 33. Edgerton claimed she worked for DCS.

“Are you a police officer, or are you not a police officer?” Smith asks on the tape.
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crocodiledindu - 131 days ago  - (Points 9341)

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RippchenAndKraut - 135 days ago  - (Points 346)
The real violation is that this fat sheboon is driving a car.
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Organic_Panic - 136 days ago  - (Points 3931)
I doubt her snack was an apple and a cup of ice water. That fat dindu probably waddled in there, took a 64 ounce cup, filled it with cheese sauce and crammed 5 hot dogs in her big fat maw. Her and her fat dindu cop friend have probably shaking down the stores in their hood for years. "I be the popo and sheeeit. Gibbs me my free food mufuggha."
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Twerkaholic - 136 days ago  - (Points 8124)
Cop has to "niggersplain" to this fat, black, she-beast the law and procedures of being a LEO. Stupid fat cunt.
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Meatsaw12346 - 136 days ago  - (Points 1728)
I'm pretty sure Big nigga Berfa been on a chomping spree since day break. Ghu you is can take my badge and my 9 mostest places be gibbon poleek octifiers free shit ib you hab a badge and a 9 . you just wittnessed a rare occasion, you have a better chance at seeing bigfoot. You just wittnessed a nigga with a gun who wasn't a convicted felon, yet!
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Fry_Swatter - 137 days ago  - (Points 35951)
....That was some funny fuckin theatre..... The cop was a total pro, because i'd have broken down laughing in her filthy nigger face the moment she made it a black issue.....
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John_Rondo - 137 days ago  - (Points 6418)
This, lady's and gentlemen is "the height intelligence" that measures about knee high to a stink bug. Always has been and always will be. Thieves, liars, race card pulling slimy sewer dregs. A foul people.
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JohnGalt - 137 days ago  - (Points 10989)
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saltine - 137 days ago  - (Points 3575)
Fat Black cunt needs to stay out of QT.....
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iLLeGiTiMo - 137 days ago  - (Points 3624)
Impersonating a human is where it starts.
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Happy_Ears - 137 days ago  - (Points 7204)
Bloody fat nigger needs to go on a fucking diet. I bet this isn't the first place this hippo has pulled this trick. Niggers always never want to pay for anything. Wire its fucking jaws up.
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GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 137 days ago  - (Points 2979)
Oh lovely gwinette county Atlanta metro. Where all the koreans live. They dont tolerate nigger behavior much there. But its Atlanta metro and there are lots of niggers running around. My name is GeorgiaMontanaBoy... trust me I know.
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Funkybob - 137 days ago  - (Points 946)
Gibs me dat chicken wing, I beez an officer of the law n shiet
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Ibramsyah - 137 days ago  - (Points 196)
this is why no one likes your kind.. stupid black dindu
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gmtgmt - 137 days ago  - (Points 5644) Ibramsyah
You're right of course - but this is just one of HUNDREDS of different ways those sub-humans fuck everything up. Let's face it, even niggers hate niggers. Just obsolete farm equipment that continues to cause damage and costs money to maintain. Needs to be scrapped.
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Jrokkzv - 137 days ago  - (Points 385)
ENJOY the free food in jail CUNT
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brent70 - 137 days ago  - (Points 6650)
FAT SLOG thought she could PASS!
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luella19 - 137 days ago  - (Points 2296)
BLACKS will do anything for free shit. Anyone else NOT surprised by this.
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Cjhew - 137 days ago  - (Points 463)
Since when does a badge give you free food?
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 136 days ago  - (Points 3931) Cjhew
Exactly. I use to work at a gas station that kept fresh coffee for our customers. When the cops filled their cruisers they weren't even allowed to take a free coffee. Guaranteed these two fat cunts have been scamming stores for years.
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Gregormac - 137 days ago  - (Points 561)
He probably knew as soon as she took off that belt as goofy as she did.
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MadLui_03 - 137 days ago  - (Points 2599)
I knew she pull the race card.
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mmk2569 - 137 days ago  - (Points 3957)
fat cunt, get a job in JAIL
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Cjhew - 137 days ago  - (Points 463)
Bitch was going to coll-itch
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Lilibet96 - 137 days ago  - (Points 5457) Cjhew
she was gettin dem programs and shieeeet...lololol
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BlackHole - 137 days ago  - (Points 4447)
Jail time for the fake bitch!!!
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Onlyonecanopy - 137 days ago  - (Points 6762)

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