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RAW Mentally Challenged Man Beaten to Death

182 days ago, 2998 views
RAW Mentally Challenged Man Beaten to Death by a karate master
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Manzellians - 180 days ago  - (Points 21)
Here’s an update from a 2009 blog post UPDATE: It turns out Bobby Joe Blythe was the YouTube user who posted the video in the first place! When the response got too much for him to handle he deleted his YouTube account but it was too late. The video, and his comments had been posted all across the internet. UPDATE II: International news has caught on. France 24 reports that in a "first for the internet" hackers discovered the identities and personal information (addresses, phone numbers, rap-sheets) of all the parties involved in this video (including the black belt student, Willie Dennis) tipped off local, state and federal authorities, and posted this information on message boards across the internet. The guilty parties scrambled to delete their Facebook and Myspace pages only to have the archived pages posted as jpeg versions.
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Chesco - 174 days ago  - (Points 342) Manzellians
I read on the net that Bobby Joe Blythe lost both of his legs to diabetes.
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WaistBandWeiner - 181 days ago  - (Points 621)
Finish him!!! Seriously it was the least he could have done.
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Random12C - 181 days ago  - (Points 2966)
Started off good, and I couldn't tell which one was mentally challenged at first. But stomping someones head in a match fight for sure isn't fair. If he'd fought me, he'd have wound up with that black belt tied around his throat. I would've loved to watch him struggle to untie it.
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SirTopple - 182 days ago  - (Points 10152)
I remember this,,,, No one was charged and it was a major cover up. Police chief was friends with the instructor. This was located in a strip mall where a bar was located. There are reports stating that the instructor and his students would challenge drunks in the parking lot to come in then beat the shit out of them then call his police buddy to clean them up from the back. Unfortunately this guy died. Anyone can see that this is Second Degree Murder, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of justice. Lucky for them it was a different time then.
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Funkybob - 182 days ago  - (Points 994)
That nigga gay
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JoeMac098 - 182 days ago  - (Points 691)
I can't stand niggers but this guy certainly isn't one, and the douche in the black belt should either be in jail for murder or someone needs to open his head with a shot so he can feed worms.
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saltine - 182 days ago  - (Points 3859)
Cobra Kai......

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saltine - 182 days ago  - (Points 3859)
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Darmax - 182 days ago  - (Points 20010)
"Mentally challenged man" = ordinary, regular, everyday NIGGER. Seriously, how can anyone blame them for giving this obnoxious ape a one way ticket back to where he was born..
DinduNuffn - 182 days ago  - (Points 43)
he dindu.. nuffin, the other black mayn fall under his feet
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Kizzmyazz - 182 days ago  - (Points 6745)
That's not a martial arts fight, that's murder.
DinduNuffn - 182 days ago  - (Points 43) Kizzmyazz
eeeree body figtz in da hood mah mayn.. shieeet is ok tho..
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NotaCop - 182 days ago  - (Points 2251)
Im not a cop but that is not allowed, its ilegal imo
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Yeah_Brah - 182 days ago  - (Points 3345)
Shoulda busted out the crane kick.

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