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Angry Italian gone ballistic when he caught immigrants throwing trash

26 days ago, 2204 views
Angry Italian gone ballistic when he caught immigrants throwing trash in a little forest near Rome, and forces them to pick it up! Well done, sir!
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Twofingers's avatar
Twofingers - 24 days ago  - (Points 34818)
Calm down Fredo.....
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 25 days ago  - (Points 2587)
You really expected any better from a nigger? You can make it put the shit back in its car - but it will only throw it in the hedge again 1 mile down the road. You cannot train something as stupid as this - and they lack the breeding and decency to instinctively do right. A failed sub-species that should be left to rot in African shitholes without handouts, benefits and other freebies. Let them breed themselves to a new level of starvation and let nature takes her course. Stop importing them and expecting them to behave like Humans - they cannot and will not.
Funkybob's avatar
Funkybob - 26 days ago  - (Points 399)
"Environmentalism and Nationalism goes hand-in-hand. It is pride in your people, pride in your nation and pride in the very soil of the land."
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 26 days ago  - (Points 15667)
I can think of a load of trash that can be dumped back in the middle of the Mediterranean sea
GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 26 days ago  - (Points 4175)
Damn right...lazy bastards...littering sucks
GeorgiaMontanaBoy's avatar
GeorgiaMontanaBoy - 26 days ago  - (Points 1019)
Looks like a nigger. No such thing as Italian nigger. Just nigger.
Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 26 days ago  - (Points 2764)
Niggers have no respect for any country. Their own is a shit pit, they move to another and turn that into a shit pit. They wonder why we don't like them, fucking savages.
Aries's avatar
Aries - 26 days ago  - (Points 3735)
Each immigrant produces 26 tons of CO2, 12 tons of trash, 2 tons of plastic waste and will consume 600 barrels of crude oil and 270 trees worth of paper / wood products over 20 years. So when a liberal whines about climate change, bitch slap them with the nearest mexican.
Hillarydefeated's avatar
Hillarydefeated - 26 days ago  - (Points 502)
Behind the doors of every great Italian restaurant, you’ll hear this. However when the waiter comes out, he’s all smiles and polite.
Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 26 days ago  - (Points 5471)
He should make them pick up the trash then bust a cap in their nigger asses.
Buzzward's avatar
Buzzward - 26 days ago  - (Points 885)
I don't blame him. I cant stand people who throw trash out in the streets or the woods. We have places and people that get paid to deal with such matters.
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 26 days ago  - (Points 6231)
That was his bag full of diversity.
RippchenAndKraut's avatar
RippchenAndKraut - 26 days ago  - (Points 254)
Gypsie scum
Deepcreep's avatar
Deepcreep - 26 days ago  - (Points 2342)
Fuck that Italian asshole they should have thrown him with the garbage
WolfenSteine55's avatar
WolfenSteine55 - 26 days ago  - (Points 82) Deepcreep
Drink bleach, faggot.
SEAGULLFARMER - 26 days ago  - (Points 2070) Deepcreep
you touch your children in ways you would never disclose you filthy cretin.
MikeKerriii's avatar
MikeKerriii - 26 days ago  - (Points 2231)
when I read.. i was like Italy? 100% dindu issue.. boy was I right
Pioneer81's avatar
Pioneer81 - 26 days ago  - (Points 208)
useless mfers... fuck them
luella19's avatar
luella19 - 26 days ago  - (Points 1925)
he should have made them eat it too, cunts!
Jksearle's avatar
Jksearle - 26 days ago  - (Points 514)
piece of shits.. see always fucking where ever they go
Stretchnuts's avatar
Stretchnuts - 26 days ago  - (Points 1403)
Every right to be livid... go back home and throw your trash by the “beach shitters” Camel Cowboy.
jamesdd's avatar
jamesdd - 26 days ago  - (Points 1757)
no good dindu.. fuck u
Tyromansdz's avatar
Tyromansdz - 26 days ago  - (Points 115)
fucking gypsies
Gregormac's avatar
Gregormac - 26 days ago  - (Points 148)
i even got scared for a second.. lol he is mad
Cjhew's avatar
Cjhew - 26 days ago  - (Points 383)
tuttal muttala dont throw trash into forestto bitch
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 26 days ago  - (Points 339)
Goatti has a point.. you tell them hajii

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