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Youtube engineer shot by police multiple times

27 days ago, 2725 views
San Francisco YouTube software engineer is hospitalized in critical condition after being shot while on an LSD-fueled rampage. Betai Koffi, 32, was celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with friends when he began hallucinating after taking four doses of acid.

Koffi was shot at least three times through a windshield by a sheriff’s deputy after he punched two people, stabbed two people and attempted to kill four people by hitting them with a truck he’d stolen.

Koffi has been charged with two counts of attempted murder, three counts of assault with a deadly weapon and one charge of carjacking. Bail has not been set.

“LSD, acid, is not very common, but it’s a very dangerous drug to use,” Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office Sergeant Spencer Crum told KTVU. “We’re really lucky that none of these victims died in this. Really lucky,” he added.
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Wpctech's avatar
Wpctech - 24 days ago  - (Points 102)
Morons think this is a free country
Twerkaholic's avatar
Twerkaholic - 26 days ago  - (Points 5471)
More sheniggernanigans.
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 26 days ago  - (Points 450)
And WE taxpayers still have to pay for this creep's medical evac, treatment, trial, and incarceration. SHould have just let him bleed out right there on the asphalt.
Twofingers's avatar
Twofingers - 26 days ago  - (Points 34818)
"Bail has not been set" Yeah, I wouldn't worry about him making bail...what with the blood ejaculating from his forehead, ears, mouth and nose.

Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 26 days ago  - (Points 2761)
People don't do drugs.
GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 26 days ago  - (Points 4175)
Unless someone forced the drugs down your throat, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND CONSEQUENCES, FULL STOP. Shame he wasn't shot dead, I don't care what color or background.
amirzx's avatar
amirzx - 27 days ago  - (Points 2965)
stupid ass clown..... should have been dead
gr8playa's avatar
gr8playa - 27 days ago  - (Points 1156)
next time trying aiming higher officer
MikeKerriii's avatar
MikeKerriii - 27 days ago  - (Points 2231)
Acid doesn’t kill people, people with shit temper kill people. - Mark twain
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 27 days ago  - (Points 2037) MikeKerriii
i thought that was George Bernard Shaw.
Yeah_Brah's avatar
Yeah_Brah - 27 days ago  - (Points 2390)
Bad trip bro? Looooooolz!
wauer's avatar
wauer - 27 days ago  - (Points 4618)
Don't do the brown acid dufoos
Digows's avatar
Digows - 27 days ago  - (Points 10142)
Not everyone is cutout to be a cosmonaut.
Oonie's avatar
Oonie - 27 days ago  - (Points 9594)

iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 27 days ago  - (Points 2037) Oonie
greasy shtstick pic... aaaargh, make it go away
Oonie's avatar
Oonie - 27 days ago  - (Points 9594)
How the fuck did he survive "multiple shots to the head"
ChingChong's avatar
ChingChong - 27 days ago  - (Points 1276) Oonie
His left half is paralyzed but he's going to live

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