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Woman crushed between two cars in road rage near Buckingham Palace

24 days ago, 2066 views
A woman was left crushed between two cars in a horrific road rage crash just yards from Buckingham Palace last night after getting out of her vehicle during a confrontation with a minicab driver who was then Tasered and arrested.

Horrific footage shows the woman stooped over on the road while wedged between the two cars as police lead away a man in handcuffs, who is believed to be the taxi driver who ran into her.

A man is seen gesturing angrily and stamping his feet before someone jumps into one of the cars - a light-blue Range Rover Evoque - and reverses to free the woman, who crumples to the ground in pain as onlookers rush to help her.

The woman in her 40s had got out of the vehicle she was in during a 'dispute', before she is said to have been hit by the Range Rover as its driver tried to pull away.

The confrontation began at around 8.15pm and led to the woman stepping out onto the road before being hit by the other driver as he tried to get away, according to police.

This caused a fight which ended with the man - who drove a black Mercedes - being Tasered and arrested for affray.
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WilliamTheConqueror's avatar
WilliamTheConqueror - 23 days ago  - (Points 538)
Most useless species on the planet.
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 23 days ago  - (Points 2409)
Feral fucking niggers. We need to build more prisons and stick the groids in - this bastard will probably manage to avoid prison by the time it uses its "I iz black so I didnu nuffin wrong" card. Nothing but contempt and revulsion for these subhumans.
Yeah_Brah's avatar
Yeah_Brah - 23 days ago  - (Points 2330)
Note to self: If involved in road rage dispute don't stand in front of one of the involved vehicles. Oh wait, no I wouldn't do that, only a fuckin' retard would do that. No worries.
GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 23 days ago  - (Points 4003)
what minivan?
Hillarydefeated's avatar
Hillarydefeated - 23 days ago  - (Points 498)
Why couldn’t it have been the muslim cunt instead?

RealiJustinsane's avatar
RealiJustinsane - 24 days ago  - (Points 9541)
Did the loud victim chick at first have her sweater or pants caught on the front license plate?
brent70's avatar
brent70 - 24 days ago  - (Points 2965)
Beautiful rich and vibrant diversity. mmm hmmmmm
Hillarydefeated's avatar
Hillarydefeated - 23 days ago  - (Points 498) brent70
Those people are savages. You take savages from caves,huts, prisons, and toilet people in general and bring them to nice places, this is what you could expect.
Tyromansdz's avatar
Tyromansdz - 24 days ago  - (Points 115)
we gotta ban cars with niggers in it
chelsea.reinger's avatar
chelsea.reinger - 24 days ago  - (Points 263)
why English cops are in S.arabia?
NotaCop's avatar
NotaCop - 24 days ago  - (Points 964)
sure this is England? not south Africa????
kevin_ventura's avatar
kevin_ventura - 24 days ago  - (Points 339)
Play stupid games.. u get fucked up
rRaTeD's avatar
rRaTeD - 24 days ago  - (Points 937)
became a Shithole.. thx to these baboons
EvilJosh's avatar
EvilJosh - 24 days ago  - (Points 608)
Fucking savage twats
MadLui_03's avatar
MadLui_03 - 24 days ago  - (Points 1933)
UK is screwed, lovely diversity
Cjhew's avatar
Cjhew - 24 days ago  - (Points 373)
lol londinstan, u mad bitch? y u screaming
Organic_Panic's avatar
Organic_Panic - 24 days ago  - (Points 450)
Hilarious footage. Not "horrific." Import third world shit hole people, become a third world shit hole.
Fairenough's avatar
Fairenough - 24 days ago  - (Points 7078) Organic_Panic
Look at all that diversity! Soon you'll be a fucked up as America and Canada

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