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Birmingham street brawl involving at least 30 immigrants

154 days ago, 2153 views
Birmingham street brawl involving at least 30 immigrants. A brutal brawl involving at least 30 people erupted on a residential street in broad daylight.

The fiery altercation saw savage punches thrown and a pensioner holds a younger male in a headlock as the group fight brings traffic to a standstill.

Social media reports claim the mass brawl involved two feuding families.

The violent incident took place on Thursday 15th August 2019 on Prestbury Road in Aston, Birmingham.

It is unknown who filmed the footage and why the astonishing brawl erupted.

During the astonishing confrontation, a male is seen being thrown to the ground. He is then dragged and punched by several men as screaming women try to break up the fight. The fighting continues with an elderly man furiously getting a younger male into a chokehold and pushing him against a car.

At the end of the clip, more people join the brawl and a hooded thug, brandishing a large black baseball bat, heads towards the disorder.

West Midlands Police said in a statement: "Police were called to reports of disorder in Prestbury Road, Aston, around 5.30pm yesterday (15 August).

One man suffered a cut to his head after he is believed to have been struck by a baseball bat, while two others suffered minor facial injuries having been punched. "Officers received a further report of a stabbing at just after 9pm but officers attended and found no-one with stab injuries.
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Jake_99's avatar
Jake_99 - 152 days ago  - (Points 3733)
Enlightening read -

WilliamTheConqueror's avatar
WilliamTheConqueror - 153 days ago  - (Points 867)
They have to go back
ted_kaczinski's avatar
ted_kaczinski - 153 days ago  - (Points 1069)
we told you diversity was strength.
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 153 days ago  - (Points 3585)
Mass brawl = mass deportation. Every one of these nigs needs to be sponsored by a lib, with asset forfeiture in case of non integration. No no go areas. No shtskn areas.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 153 days ago  - (Points 35555) iLLeGiTiMo
....There's going to have to be a world wide effort in order to start putting shitskins back in their place of origins....
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 153 days ago  - (Points 10945)
Part and Parcel..
Habsfan16's avatar
Habsfan16 - 153 days ago  - (Points 22030)
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 154 days ago  - (Points 5631)
On the plus side, no English people were harmed. On the down side, not many English left there in the first place. Feral, lawless parasitic scum - Most of us in the UK wish the unwashed, unwelcome and unwanted would piss off back to the shitholes they slithered from to infest us.
PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 154 days ago  - (Points 10038)
Perhaps the Uber driver tried to shag a muslim beeyatch passenger

Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 154 days ago  - (Points 35555)
....I'd be more apt to extract my revenge on the enablers who made this happen.... The Muslims would have never set foot on European soil if it wasn't for the vile left....
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 154 days ago  - (Points 3585) Fry_Swatter
you have to cut the cancer out
BlueEyedDevil's avatar
BlueEyedDevil - 154 days ago  - (Points 3265) Fry_Swatter
Tell the muslims that the lefties had converted to Islam and then converted back to whatever. Tell the lefties that the Muslims have openly been saying negative shit about trannies and not letting them use whatever bathroom they wanted. Maybe they’ll take each other out.... if not, an army of Tarrants and Breiviks could take them all out at the same time.
Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 153 days ago  - (Points 7112) Fry_Swatter
This is not the first time bloody Muslim filth have been into Europe, you fucking idiot. Read up on European history. American flag, oh I forgot how fucking stupid Americans are.
Happy_Ears's avatar
Happy_Ears - 154 days ago  - (Points 7112)
Muslim filth. Blow up all mosques they are only toilets.
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Random12C - 154 days ago  - (Points 2966)
What wonderful tolerance those immigrants have brought with them.
NotaCop's avatar
NotaCop - 154 days ago  - (Points 2148)
I bet the street smells like shit now
Siankovic's avatar
Siankovic - 154 days ago  - (Points 14757) NotaCop
curry mix with kabab fart and falafel
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 154 days ago  - (Points 19249)
I'm a proud infidel fuckem
Gomez's avatar
Gomez - 154 days ago  - (Points 2669) scorched_earth
LOL scorched, 99.99% LR is infidels,
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 154 days ago  - (Points 19249) Gomez
Lol then I'm in good company haha
WaistBandWeiner's avatar
WaistBandWeiner - 154 days ago  - (Points 615) Gomez
Great company!
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kevin_ventura - 154 days ago  - (Points 446)
man in his PJs fights? lol
jig's avatar
jig - 154 days ago  - (Points 874)
see immigration works perfectly...

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