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Body camera shooting that killed 19-year-old De’Von Bailey as he tries to avoid arrest.

159 days ago, 1838 views
Body camera footage from the August 3 shooting that killed 19-year-old "De Von Bailey" as he tries to avoid arrest.
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WilliamTheConqueror's avatar
WilliamTheConqueror - 158 days ago  - (Points 867)
I love a happy ending!
SEAGULLFARMER - 158 days ago  - (Points 2282)
normally quite critical of this stuff, but he should have run with his hands in the air the stupid cunt. Its not like hes not aware of what it could look like running whilst he is reaching to his waste.
doinkdaclown's avatar
doinkdaclown - 158 days ago  - (Points 3012) Here is the unedited version that shows the gun and doesn't make the cops look guilty of shooting him for no reason.
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 158 days ago  - (Points 10945) doinkdaclown
Yea good find 2nd officer you could see he was reaching for it.
Reich_Z's avatar
Reich_Z - 158 days ago  - (Points 555)
my personal feel good video of the day...........
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 159 days ago  - (Points 5631)
Great result BUT I have a horrible feeling that the police officer might get grief over this one. I know he did the world a favour but when the parasite is running away from you, I think the liberals reckon you should let them live to destroy another day. Good job officer - but I do fear you might have some hassle over this.
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 158 days ago  - (Points 10945) gmtgmt
Yea the self hating leftists are up in arms. I was looking around to see if he was armed he was, found this on at CO Springs news site. But most sites neglected to mention he was amred..... Nigger apologists.... "The body-camera video of Van't Land and Evenson introduces some ambiguity into this analysis. It turns out that Bailey had a gun on his person at the time of the shooting — "deep within his basketball shorts," as Killmer put it. The weapon was retrieved by the officers who cut those shorts off Bailey after he hit the pavement near the scene of what was originally reported as a "personal robbery" on the 2400 block of East Fountain Boulevard in the Springs."
Random12C's avatar
Random12C - 159 days ago  - (Points 2966)
Shameful of them, shooting this lovely blessing to society. Bwahahaha, what a freaking dumbass!
Convictus's avatar
Convictus - 159 days ago  - (Points 6201)
Good Job, right on the money. He 100% had a gun in his waistline so he ran...haha..
Rainmaker's avatar
Rainmaker - 159 days ago  - (Points 2417)
The Cop Could not be more clear-..... and then the dindu run and dies, oh well... WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!!!!!!! FUCKING DINDU... even if he had a gun he would have lived if he would have stayed put..
PoorOldSpike's avatar
PoorOldSpike - 159 days ago  - (Points 10038)
Memo to all cops- I wish you'd empty your whole mags into the fuckers so taxpayers don't have to foot their prison bill.
skinnycat01's avatar
skinnycat01 - 159 days ago  - (Points 240)
What did he think would happen ???!??
Shalom50's avatar
Shalom50 - 159 days ago  - (Points 371) skinnycat01
De’Von dindu nuffin he is victim here bro, lol

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