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Police chase crash in North Hollywood, Suspect in custody

32 days ago, 1563 views
Police chase crash in North Hollywood, Suspect in custody. A chase came to a violent end in North Hollywood Wednesday evening after a carjacking suspect crashed into two vehicles.

The suspect vehicle, a Toyota Prius, collided with another car at the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Riverside Drive, bringing an end to the pursuit.

At least one child and a woman were seen jumping out and running from their car after the suspect vehicle collided with their car.

Officials said a child and the suspect would be transported to a hospital. Another victim was being evaluated at the scene.

The suspect was wanted for carjacking, police said. He was taken into custody by officers
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GetReal's avatar
GetReal - 31 days ago  - (Points 4003)
Thanks to the quick thinking, skills and bravery of our police force, the can of soft drink was returned undamaged and unopened to it's rightful owner.
scorched_earth's avatar
scorched_earth - 32 days ago  - (Points 15663)
I don't get why the police don't back off in built up areas so innocent people aren't affected especially if there is a police chopper there aswell
MomsSpaghetti's avatar
MomsSpaghetti - 32 days ago  - (Points 1903)
Good Day's Work Officers... compared to other countries American cop tops the list
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 32 days ago  - (Points 23489)
....As usual.... Innocent lives are put at risk to save a criminal scumbag...... Good job officers.... I wish I could get injured like this and sue the city....

lindgren.melba's avatar
lindgren.melba - 32 days ago  - (Points 2091)
Prius gets a lot of action these day, by train and now huge crash.
uncorkedzebra9's avatar
uncorkedzebra9 - 32 days ago  - (Points 1482)
Holly Wood Action....
EvilJosh's avatar
EvilJosh - 32 days ago  - (Points 608) uncorkedzebra9
lolee wood action

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