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Road rage near Buckingham Palace, London

91 days ago, 2050 views
Road rage near Buckingham Palace, London. New video has revealed the shocking run-up to the moment a Range Rover crushed a woman between two cars in a sickening road rage attack on Sunday.

The victim, 47, is thought to have got out of her Mercedes Benz to remonstrate with another driver before being hit by the Range Rover just yards from Buckingham Palace, the woman shouting at the driver of the light-blue Range Rover and leaning on the car's bonnet, before the thug drove forward and sent her smashing into her Mercedes.

Mr Anand also saw police officers Tasering an occupant of the Range Rover as he unsuccessfully tried to flee the scene.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: 'Officers and members of the London Ambulance Service attended.

'A woman in her mid-40s was taken to a central London hospital for treatment. Her condition has been assessed as non-life threatening but may be life-changing.

'Officers are investigating an allegation that a Land Rover was deliberately driven at the woman, trapping her against a Mercedes car.

'This Mercedes was then in collision with a stationary bus, there were no reports of anyone injured on the bus.'
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ManlyPMS's avatar
ManlyPMS - 90 days ago  - (Points 439)
Cultural Enrichment.
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apachesmile - 90 days ago  - (Points 10285)
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scorched_earth - 90 days ago  - (Points 16475)
Oh look another immigrant drug dealer ffs
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Leviathan - 91 days ago  - (Points 3140)
"non-life threatening but may be life-changing" is that how they say she's a paraplegic now?
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Aries - 91 days ago  - (Points 4075)
Always glad to see a shitskin jigaboo go to jail, but what the fuck was wrong with that woman? If the fat bitch was on my car shrieking like that I'd probably run her over too.
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iLLeGiTiMo - 91 days ago  - (Points 2708)
The shtskns can't be happy with whitey in the world, fags can't be happy alongside straight people.
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 91 days ago  - (Points 9341) iLLeGiTiMo
Because they are lower than animals. The only education they get is by their teenaged mothers who are to busy sucking cocks and getting high. That's just the " FREE" WORLD. Then you have the Middle East Korea India Syria etc.

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crocodiledindu - 91 days ago  - (Points 9341)
Get some fucking firepower you retards
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ted_kaczinski - 91 days ago  - (Points 1069)
London.... or Shitskinistan?
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skinnycat01 - 91 days ago  - (Points 213)
London is a shit hole. It's not where English people live, we have more sense than that and live out in the country where there are no foreigners and near zero crime.
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Random12C - 91 days ago  - (Points 2966) skinnycat01
With you on that one. Here in the US, I'm 8 miles from any major roads. Going to the store kind of sucks though...
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HaywoodJablome - 91 days ago  - (Points 1952) skinnycat01
Same in Canada, stay away from the major cities it's all third world diversity now.
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JohnGalt - 91 days ago  - (Points 8656)
Quote"'A woman in her mid-40s was taken to a central London hospital for treatment. Her condition has been assessed as non-life threatening but may be life-changing." Life Changing ffs, what is she adopting a fucking orphan or got pregnant at the scene. Cuck media.....
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 91 days ago  - (Points 30973)
....They blur the face of their "diversity"... ...It's a nigger...Not a member of witness protection, ffs... Dear god British government is so fucked up.....
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 91 days ago  - (Points 9341) Fry_Swatter
The GREYRACE theory is happening on a pandemic scale now. Not my family. Sooner be dead than Greynor Red.
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Borderlord - 91 days ago  - (Points 15244)
Fuckingham Palace...……...
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bdark - 91 days ago  - (Points 401)
Only person to give a shit about the woman had to get off the bus ,he will have to wait fucking ages for another now.
SEAGULLFARMER - 91 days ago  - (Points 2253)
love it when its in London.

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