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Shooting in Philadelphia, 6 police officers have been shot

33 days ago, 2696 views
Police and emergency services in Pennsylvania are responding to a shooting incident in Philadelphia. Four officers shot. One shot in head and/or chest. One suspect in custody but they're looking for others. Very dangerous around the area.

Dozens of heavily armed police have surrounded a building in Philadelphia after responding to an active shooting situation that has left at least two officers injured. .

The situation started unfolding along the 3700 block of North 15th Street on Wednesday afternoon. .

Footage from ABC6 shows officers lining the street and surrounding a building with their guns drawn as a gunman fired shots at police. .

The officers could be seen crouching behind police vehicles on the blocked off street. Multiple other officers took cover alongside a building.
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apachesmile's avatar
apachesmile - 32 days ago  - (Points 7302)
I guessed the race again!
crocodiledindu's avatar
crocodiledindu - 32 days ago  - (Points 9338)
Heavily armed is the way to travel in DINDUVILLE.
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 32 days ago  - (Points 23489)
....Maybe it's the music they listen to...

DetroitLion's avatar
DetroitLion - 33 days ago  - (Points 3175)
sheeeit is laik Crimmus in philly yo, de nite befo Crimmus An' all ower de hood ereybody wuz out lookn n shieeeeet
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 32 days ago  - (Points 5981) DetroitLion
No shit look at the demographics.... Of "nicetown"

WaistBandWeiner's avatar
WaistBandWeiner - 33 days ago  - (Points 597)
but where da Amber-lamps at doh.
Gomez's avatar
Gomez - 33 days ago  - (Points 1638) WaistBandWeiner
Twofingers's avatar
Twofingers - 33 days ago  - (Points 34274) WaistBandWeiner
Let's not jump to conclusions yet....there are about 15 white people within 12 miles of this shooting. It may not be a nigger thing!

WaistBandWeiner's avatar
WaistBandWeiner - 32 days ago  - (Points 597) Twofingers
haha that fucking chimp doh!
Gomez's avatar
Gomez - 33 days ago  - (Points 1638)
Narco shootings,not terrorism

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