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Frustration builds In HK airport, Westerns are frustrated for not being able to leave

93 days ago, 2185 views
HONG KONG— Frustration builds on Hong Kong airport, as many Westerns are frustrated for not being able to leave.

A protest that led to the occupation of the city’s airport devolved into a chaotic, volatile situation Tuesday. Blackshirt protesters stopped travelers before they were able to pass through security and immigration.

Some of the blackshirts seized a man who, though also dressed in black, was suspected of being a police officer or even an agent sent by the Chinese Communist Party’s security apparatus.

Demonstrations and disruptive actions will continue to take place in coming days, including strikes by medical workers and a march organized by the city's school teachers.\\\
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WaistBandWeiner's avatar
WaistBandWeiner - 93 days ago  - (Points 597)
I've been wondering why they kept blasting slant eyed antifa over our news. Is it they want us to care, or do they actually think we do?
Uzumaki's avatar
Uzumaki - 93 days ago  - (Points 100)
why they dont let the westerners go? fucking quacks!
Sil777's avatar
Sil777 - 93 days ago  - (Points 2639)

Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 93 days ago  - (Points 31107)
...That's what the fuck you get, world traveling trouser sniffers.... What?! ...The west isn't big enough for your cultural egos???
Texboy's avatar
Texboy - 93 days ago  - (Points 16579) Fry_Swatter
libtards.. they learn now lol
Fry_Swatter's avatar
Fry_Swatter - 93 days ago  - (Points 31107) Texboy
...I hope China keeps them and sends us the folks waving the American flag... Sounds like a great trade to me...

ChingChong's avatar
ChingChong - 93 days ago  - (Points 2635)
dumb china , full off commies, thank lord i was raised in uganda.
Texboy's avatar
Texboy - 93 days ago  - (Points 16579) ChingChong
Borderlord's avatar
Borderlord - 93 days ago  - (Points 16006)
Hong Kong Fuey………..
iLLeGiTiMo's avatar
iLLeGiTiMo - 93 days ago  - (Points 2738)
if this was Britain or France the army, in civies, would be squashing this pronto, just like they did in France. fake news
SailorDave's avatar
SailorDave - 93 days ago  - (Points 2636)
Chaos and holding back people preventing them to leave will get international response... and it will grow, those people stuck at the airport ain't going anywhere...
Rainmaker's avatar
Rainmaker - 93 days ago  - (Points 2095)
They're really trying to make a point the Blackshirt protesters... HK cops are probably going to take them all out with a bomb or something..
popo's avatar
popo - 93 days ago  - (Points 2407)
That's why I don't travel to these kind of never know when some bullshit is going to breakout
NotaCop's avatar
NotaCop - 93 days ago  - (Points 1501)
i'd like to take her home, with my 'not a cop' plane sir
Gio's avatar
Gio - 93 days ago  - (Points 2778)
let the westerns leave, u stupid rice lovers

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