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China's private rocket company LinkSpace successfully launched a reusable rocket

4 days ago, 1139 views
Chinas private rocket company LinkSpace successfully launched a reusable rocket
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Leviathan's avatar
Leviathan - 3 days ago  - (Points 1563)
On 10 August 2019 the company reported a test flight reaching a height of 300 meters.[10]

uhh.... great job! only a few hundred thousand meters to go..
BlueEyedDevil's avatar
BlueEyedDevil - 3 days ago  - (Points 394)
Why is it that shit like dreadlocks, a white girl wearing a kimono, tribal tattoos, wearing certain jewelry or sports teams named after native Americans tribes is cultural appropriation. But shit like rocketry, space exploration, using a cell phone, or driving a car isn’t. I actually don’t need an answer. We all know why.
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JohnGalt - 3 days ago  - (Points 4485)
Send in the clones, gotta copy everything.

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GetReal - 3 days ago  - (Points 2067)
More "china know-how" obtained through the internet. NO, i didn't say it was stolen...
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doinkdaclown - 4 days ago  - (Points 394)
I's China. Success is just a fluke. Something will go horribly wrong soon. Thousands killed...blah blah blah.
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rcpilotjae - 4 days ago  - (Points 3197)
Hmmm, the rocket looked a bit confused as to land , hoover or take off.....
Borderlord's avatar
Borderlord - 4 days ago  - (Points 5642)
Are they sending it up or bringing it down...……..sounds like the Incredible Hulk in the background...………...
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SailorDave - 4 days ago  - (Points 1274)
Recycle/reusable whatever you wanna call it.... someone's project got a D-
Micha_69's avatar
Micha_69 - 4 days ago  - (Points 2621)
Yeah..."LinkSpace" is owned by a bunch of four graders
uncorkedzebra9's avatar
uncorkedzebra9 - 4 days ago  - (Points 1030)
Looks like a kids project from science class
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Gio - 4 days ago  - (Points 1693)
stolen technology obviously...
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Thayoli - 4 days ago  - (Points 2396)
Of-cause, they copy everything....