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Off-Duty Police Officer Carjacked at Gunpoint in detroit

164 days ago, 1506 views
Off-Duty Police Officer Carjacked at Gunpoint in detroit. Video from a gas station in Southwest Detroit shows a carjacker point a gun in the face of a pickup truck driver.

That pickup driver is an off-duty police officer who was filling up on gas about 3 a.m. Tuesday at a BP gas station on Fort Street near Clark Avenue. Investigators said the driver went into the gas station and when he came out a gunman approached him and took his keys. The gunman then left in the victim’s truck.

Police body armor and a gun were inside the vehicle, but this was not a police vehicle that was stolen.

The video shows the frightening confrontation. The driver is shown dropping the keys to the truck on the pavement. The thief picks up the keys, gets in the truck and drives away.

The truck was chased by officers. It crashed in Melvindale and after a short foot pursuit, officers found their suspect hiding in a backyard.

The gunman was also with someone in a silver van. Police were looking for that person, too.
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Jmiller's avatar
Jmiller - 164 days ago  - (Points 12695)
Cops always get the fucker in the end anyway.. good thing it was a off duty cop, he could keep his head cool in that kind of situation
Convictus's avatar
Convictus - 164 days ago  - (Points 6237)
Not Detroit but Harper Woods, Michigan! Not a Fake Story!!!!
JohnGalt's avatar
JohnGalt - 164 days ago  - (Points 10979)
Yea a cop wouldn't have let a dindu approach from behind at 3am in Dinduroit. Jewish lightning automotive style.
Texboy's avatar
Texboy - 164 days ago  - (Points 16621)
aint buying either BS.. smells BS
Siankovic's avatar
Siankovic - 164 days ago  - (Points 14763)
he even looks at the suspect coming at him... yep staged
Koko's avatar
Koko - 164 days ago  - (Points 11811)
fishy shit
Oonie's avatar
Oonie - 164 days ago  - (Points 10690)
staged.... 100% BS

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