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Intense High-speed Police Chase ends with 5 juveniles arrest

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Intense High-speed Police Chase ends with 5 juveniles arrest. Deputies were alerted by our citizens of multiple suspects entering cars in the Evans Farms Subdivision. Deputies were able to obtain surveillance video from our great citizens and put out a lookout to surrounding agencies. Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office units near our county line attempted to stop the two vehicles and, yes again, both fled and of course FCSO pursued both vehicles, which were… you guessed it, stolen.

Sgt. Nelson, a PIT instructor for FCSO, successfully preformed a PIT maneuver on one of the vehicles, quickly resulting in two suspects being taken into custody. The second stolen vehicle was stopped by the use of tire deflation spike strips carried by FCSO Deputies on Ga 400 and three suspects fled into an Alpharetta apartment complex. After a massive manhunt, with K9 and air support. Three additional suspects are in custody, one left with a K9 bite to remember #youcantoutrunK9.

We now have three suspects who tried to steal from our Forsyth County Citizens in our Jail, two additional in the custody of the Youth Detention Center. Our FCSO Detectives are continuing the investigation, including possible gang ties by one or more of the suspects arrested.
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gmtgmt - 92 days ago  - (Points 4140)
Hope the dog is ok and pleased that animal control managed to get the groids back into their natural barred habitat.
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iLLeGiTiMo - 93 days ago  - (Points 2724)
shoot to kill, ffs
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Wardy - 93 days ago  - (Points 4571)
Good doggy
ABSTRACTL0VER - 93 days ago  - (Points 1954)

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JohnGalt - 93 days ago  - (Points 8691)
Hey that happened in my area, we routinely get groids from Atlanta up here going thru unlocked cars and targets of opportunity. Not real wise since most of us are armed up here. They tend to hit densely packed neighborhoods. The other week some bimbo left her keys in her Mercedes and it was stolen and caught. Groids rolling around here is a pretty rare occurrence and our sheriff doesn't play around. Here are the dindus: There even was a 13 year old and 15 year old with these idiots.

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Rodslinger18 - 93 days ago  - (Points 2263) JohnGalt
Always enjoyed stopping by Forsyth for a bite to eat when traveling.Always polite down home people.And nope they dont seem to take too kindly to their dindu tolerance.Glad they caught these ferals.
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Deerobe - 93 days ago  - (Points 652)
good pooch :)

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