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Violent Polish Criminal Resists Arrest in Hague

13 days ago, 1294 views
Video from The Hague that has been going crazy on the internet for a few days. And in the video we see 7 Dutch agents who have difficulty in arresting 1 Pole. The images are questioned whether this is not a case of police violence, but this is your earned wage if you do not cooperate if this is expected of you
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Wardy's avatar
Wardy - 12 days ago  - (Points 4137)
Well that went really nicely for them
Trippin's avatar
Trippin - 12 days ago  - (Points 1082)
Takes about ten modern day officers to handle two criminals
gmtgmt's avatar
gmtgmt - 12 days ago  - (Points 1085)
Police need to be armed at LEAST with tazers and pepper spray. Start assaulting police officers and risk bullets. Get rid of the feral scum one way or another.
Lilibet96's avatar
Lilibet96 - 13 days ago  - (Points 3874)
Mr Polish got what he deserved, ship over some crazy shooting American cops and you're dead buddy..
MomsSpaghetti's avatar
MomsSpaghetti - 12 days ago  - (Points 1433)
Shoot now and ask questions later...
Convictus's avatar
Convictus - 13 days ago  - (Points 2524)
That's not police brutality, polish guy was out of control
Jmiller's avatar
Jmiller - 13 days ago  - (Points 8894)
Tough Cop Bitches and they can handcuff me any time...
comonsenz's avatar
comonsenz - 12 days ago  - (Points 134)
No doubt! I would let the Blond arrest me any day.
lindgren.melba's avatar
lindgren.melba - 12 days ago  - (Points 1830)
I would like to request a strip search from those babes